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To quote dinaki
"Only for Kunoichi Access and higher subscribers on Patreon/Boosty/Subscribe Star!"

so no itch access for 0.24 as of now

I didn't hear no

Oh nyo

Time to buy it 3rd time


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The prologue.... It's pacing made my feel so lost XD.

Other than that pretty nice start, never been one who likes all powerful chads without any threats to them, but hey let's see where it will go sometime in far future l.


Great time to buy it for 3rd time ~

Look nice

Hell yea

It's so good, wth!

yea I figured. Tried on 3 different phones .

Did anyone managed to run l2d on android?

I think 39gb free space was enough. It works now when the patch is out, but at bare bones 25.3 no way.

Can't even start it on Android.....

Moto g100

Cannot read this without hearing some french-mustached twirling guy voice.

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Thank god i bought it twice.

Works nicely now. Thanks

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Is it just me or HD is fucked on android. The issue is like above but no amount of restarts solves it

fIle is where it supposed to be

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Log is in AppData\LocalLow\DreampunkHelix\Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator.

You can open Player.log.
Game updates file mid game so if you ever get "Dont ask me that" just open file and look at the bottom and look for "npc_reply_to_player", and you will see that most of time AI isn't down, it;s game processing AI's response that get's sometimes clunky.

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I checked the logs and it seems i get resoponses from AI but game reurns it as a "Input string was not in a correct format." Her response in game was as usally I am embarassed"
Examples from player.log

 Input string was not in a correct format. "

 "npc_reply_to_player":"Hi there, I am Eddie, your girlfriend in this game. Don't worry, you're not dreaming! Are you feeling okay? Maybe you need some fresh air?"} "npc_reply_to_player":"I'm happy to do anything that you want to do. As long as we're together, I'm sure we'll 

Input string was not in a correct format.
JSON Parse: Quotation marks seems to be messed up.

Hell yea

And thank god to that.

Well I lost my saves too.

Then it's not enough. To get access to 0.15 you need to pay 10$ (-50%) cuz 0.15 is costed at 20$ before discount.
You dont need to pay more to get acces you will just get it in a 1-2 weeks after release FEYADA explained it in post below.

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If you paid 10$ for it seek support if you paid less you bought 0.10 and it only says 0.15a cuz of game title.

I re-bought 0.15a for 10$ few hours ago and got no issue.

You'r not worthy

My will will not waver.

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It's quite easy.
All you have to do is go to Android/data and look for Org.HGGv012.
All saves should be inside

Old saves are incompatible cuz Komisari made a lot of engine changes and how saves are managed.

For phrasing problem there are few things you can try. from browser download tab (if you downloaded on telephone), it might sound stupid but more than few times I managed to install game just from there when file browser gave me error.

2.Try opening with different file manager and it just may work.

 3.Redownload and try first steps again

For App not installed there are also few issues 

1. Check if you have enough free space (for me it was about 4.5-7GB, yes you actually need that much to install game sometimes)

2.Download is corrupted, so redownload.

3.Your smartphone/tablet just can't install it, and it is compatibility problem. Nothing you can do about it.

There is a way but you must disable ALL IMAGES after adding mod

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Dunno, but as reference i can say that my tablet Huawei mediapad m5 lite 8,  (with gpu boost on) can barely run game more or less smoothly.

Hate to break it to you but your device's gpu(PowerVR GE8320) is rather weak, there is hardly anything Dev can do to fix it, well aside of cutting half of game mechanics.