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I have the same thing happen to me, but it was just the name of the file. It usually still has the update even if it's called 1.0. Have you tried to open it and it only had Day 1? Because if not, I think you should try and see if it does have the update.

do you know what their tumblr is? they only link the content warning account

is there any site where they give progress updates?

crowe is a man.

is there going to be a continuation or more days? or is this pretty much it (besides bonus content)?

omg you responded!!! todah rabah, i love this game and can't wait for more!!!

is there anywhere other than to watch for updates on progress?

oh i meant if there was any update about when it'd be out on thanks you so much tho!

has it been said how much longer day 2 is going to take? not tryna rush, just excited for what's next!