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I love this game, very excited for the full release. After I exit the game, it makes my bluetooth freak out. Headphones work perfect during gameplay, but after I leave the game, my headphones won't play any audio until I disconnect and reconnect them. This isn't a problem I've experienced with any other games, and only happens when I leave Melodii.

oh, I see! I was confused, since I didn't realize this was an HD version. I love this game and so your work, so I'll be more than glad to continue supporting you.

This was a lovely visual novel. Sorry if this is too real for the comments section of a cute yuri game, but ever since my dad died of covid in February, I've been such a mess. I've been going through some of the worst depression of my life. This game has been able to insert a spark of light into that darkness, and I just wanted to thank you for it. I hope you keep making stellar VNs like this. My girlfriend and I loved reading Yuki's 4p.

Is this going to be any different than the mobile version, or is it just a port?