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super creative use of the theme, Fun little arcade game

Super inventive concept! I loved the art style and the sleeping mechanic. Potential feature that could be nice would be allowing a few pixels of tolerance so you don’t have to have it lined up perfectly.

Also loved hearing “Moon Fact”

BloodbornePSX community · Created a new topic Linux build

I would love a linux build of this game so much, or compatability via wine/proton. IDK if any other linux users have gotten it working but I couldn’t manage it

wanted to reply here because I am also getting this error on linux with wine and the audio is totally borked. IK yall aren’t building for linux tho so thats fine if you can’t address something like that

just beat the game after an hour of trys, a ton of fun! can’t wait for the full release

Thanks so much, I’m planning on doing at least a few more streams where I polish it up and add some levels and new mechanics. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

thats totally fine! I ran the windows version with a compatibility layer and it worked great

awesome! love this game

awesome game! I’m having trouble getting my bluetooth Xbox One controller to work (I’m using Pop!_Os linux)

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I never thought I would cry during a clicker game. Holy shit this is a masterpiece. Do yall have a way I can donate some money to yall? I’m abt to buy the album on bandcamp but I want to tip the devs as well.

shit is a slapper

eat shit transphobe

This game is great and I can't wait for the 1.0 release. Recommending this to all of my friends!! OOC what engine are you using

fantastic game, I have been recommending it to all my friends who are into the indie game scen

Apple sure is big. Big old apple.

For real tho this was a really charming romp