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i was more specifically meaning if the jam version or @ the video store included any microgames that arent in the paid game

Does this have any content that isn't present in the paid release?

I had originally played through both chapters 1 and 2 before season 1 was released, is there a way to skip straight to chapter 3 without having to spend the time replaying the first 2 chapters?

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I know the game says "save a lot of cocos" but does it mean in a single run or cumulative? Also, how many? I cant find anywhere online with the answer.

I tried playing this and the first sort of "environment" was enjoyable, but the first screen of the second environment i wasn't able to progress past for reasons I feel weren't just my fault as the player.

Firstly, the blocks that swap between being able to be stood on or having it so you fall through on a timer have no indicator when they switch, making it frustrating to time your jumps. This could be fixed by either having them flash a bit before they actually change or syncing them up with the music (as seen in games that have used similar mechanics such as mario and celeste).

Secondly, at the end of the same screen I was unable to figure out how to jump high enough to progress, even bouncing off the enemy didn't give enough height.

Thirdly, why is there an actual pitfall trap right at that end of the screen? At first it looked like the way to progress was to fall down, and I did just that only to be stuck in a hole that was difficult to get out of without quick resetting.

Something about page 5 (Slain: Quarantine edition) is confusing me, it says that the base game is available for free on the person’s itch page, but I went to check it out and it was $5, is this something that had changed since this zine was published or?

According to the creator in a Steam discussion, it should here too, and the date of them saying that and the most recent update according to itch line up

This game is marked as horror, does it have any jumpscares? Thanks in advance to whoever answers

I was considering playing this game (I had gotten it from a bundle), and while I like horror I don’t like jumpscares, does this game have any?

BRKÖUT community · Created a new topic Jumpscares?

I was considering playing this game (I had gotten it from a bundle), and while I like horror I don’t like jumpscares, does this game have any?

This game caught my interest but I don't really have a working controller, is there any way keyboard controls could be added?

Question: the post in the devlog mentions the money was already sent out, Is revenue from this still going to similar causes?