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We're going to do the same after the game jam for our game too, honestly yours needs so little to be perfect, just a few frames of animation here and there, let me know when you update and I'll test it out

this game is incredible, I love it! the pixel art and sound are fantastic and I think this is my favorite game of the jam so far

this game was legitimately fun, reminded me a little of rampage way back, 120 buildings destroyed and 69 cars totaled at the end, had a good time, I think this just needs a little more work and it'd be a really great game

very cool game, tight controls and pretty good pixel art, I did a little trouble with getting stuck on corners when I jumped near them but otherwise this is a solid entry

pretty awesome game had a good time with it, but It was tough trying to find where the tasks were, maybe add a arrow guiding you to the next objective? 

this game is awesome I really liked the way the soundtrack builds as you move through the game and the artstyle was pretty cool too

this is really cool and I really like the pixel art, the only issue I had was that it needs a restart function that reset the black hole as well as the player

the assets look dope though, I like them a lot, the cat guy is neat looking

this games pixel art looks really cool, is there a way to full screen it or even make the game window bigger? I like the game a lot so far though either way

this game was really funny and made me actually laugh out loud because of how accidently evil I became, good work on this, it has a lot of potential to be even better if you keep going with it after the jam

pretty good game, I like how shooting is so responsive but the zoom out on level transitions is kinda too jarring

I liked it, you did a lot with limited resources, this was a pretty good first game