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This game is phenomenal and I don't mean that lightly! Pac-Man (at least classic 2D maze Pac) Is a formula many don't dare to mess with as many fangames in the past just add lame gimmicks or increase his speed for sake of adding something new.

To me Pac-Man is all about being aware of your surroundings and outsmarting the AI whilst enjoying the stage design that was added in later games.

Pac-Man Brothers feels like a natural evolution of Ms Pac-Man and Pac-Man JR rather than and evolution of Arrangement (and that's a good thing) Rather than add new powerups what we get is solid controls and the newly added roll move which is very balanced. 

The roll lets you be invincible and avoid the monsters BUT you also pass though pacdots you need to eat, to top it off you cant use it around corners and if you bump into a wall you bounce back leaving you open for attack but in the hands of a pro it has many great uses, best part is the game is balanced enough where you dont even have to use it!

The new PACMAN system at the bottom was a little confusing but adds a new element to gaining lives. Every 10 seconds a letter is highlighted and when you eat a powerpellet there is a chance one of the monsters will have a letter on them. Eat all the PACMAN letters and youll get an extra life (but its pretty hard) 

Stage design is procedurally generated (after the first stage) so its almost like a roguelike where there will always be something new when you come back!

The Pac-Man OCs are honestly pretty cool and the game feels official. I pray Namco notices this and makes it official just like the Pac-Man CE NES demake that was made back in 2020. Amazing game, go play it!

Hey I wanted to say I REALLY love this software! I use it in all my streams and I donated a few bucks via Itch when I got it a while back. Really looking forward to the full version ill be backing it all the way!

An amazing demo with lots of potential! I can tend to ramble on so ill be brief. The game has a great sense of environment with memorable unique characters, the platforming is precise and movement feels good! Certain rooms like the platform that launches you could be explained a little better but I quickly figured it out. The rat chase was very funny and surprising and the cliffhanger at the end really got me hooked. Hope to see more Alex you did a great job