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This was intense. Holy moley. I didn't know if it was procedurally generated because I went in blind, but damn...I played a few 15 min sessions and I had a different experience every time opening the program fresh.

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Ok fine (although we know you aren't trying to reach 60 subs, you're trying to reach a lot more than that lmao)

You're goofy af :P

Creepy af. Awaiting my letter on March 8th ;)

Cute (for a horror game)! A bit glitchy at times, but overall fun and tense experience with cool graphical styling.

No problem, because my reply is also late! Haha

It wasn't. :(

Indeed :)

there's a feature listed as "player voice interaction" though

that's normal for any indie game you download to a mac. if i remember correctly, you have to right click on the game file and choose to open it, instead of just double clicking on the file to start it.

I wasn't being facetious, lol, I love it

Is this local58? eeeee

I still love the dynamic between you two to this day! 

I am gonna try again, tbh I just built a good gaming pc so I'm sure I'll eat my words now lol

Lmao love the confidence bb

I grew up in the "Bible Belt" of the US. And I have Swedish heritage. I did not realize there was a Swedish "Bible Belt" though. Well, I'm downloading to find out more...

I noticed things gets wonky when playing in the default window (embedded within this page) If you stay in it, the player model basically displaces as soon as you start moving; the view doesn't center on him anymore. I figured out how to sort of shimmy him back on-screen and keep him in frame. But my effort was proven moot due to a game-breaking bug (lol) which affects the essential mechanic of clicking & holding the primary mouse button (well, that's the only valid input besides moving with the arrow keys, so it's one of two controls in total, but still).  When this occurs, performing this action on interactable objects causes their brief disappearance then reappearance, instead of resulting in the target items moving with the controllable character, which is the expected function (allowing you to "carry" things). 

So the fixed window hosts a pair of related glitches which seem to be triggered in tandem. This sort of malfunction isn't unusual for in-browser games, particularly on (as well as other similar platforms). I noticed the game works as intended in full-screen...well, it's actually playable, at least (since I don't know exactly what the dev intended). But the camera stays with (and mostly centered on) the character!

Anyway, for a glorified mini game with such a simple concept and ultra basic gameplay, it sure took me a while to get to the end state (of static text on the screen). I'm sure it was still just a few minutes total, but in hindsight that seems like a long time to complete the objective. That means it's the kind of puzzle where you might only catch on to the rule once you've "beat" it, which keeps the experience from being too boring. I mean I didn't know the answer until the moment I "solved" it, which is the perfect timing. That way you stay engaged during the entire experience and get the satisfaction upon completion.

For some reason on that first playthrough, I happened to choose one correct item right away followed by every single wrong one, until only the correct ones were left for me to grab! Since the research bar filled up that one bit early on and then stopped there for a long time while I tried so many items, I just assumed the objective must be broken so you couldn't actually win! :P That is, until I was forced to succeed eventually after I eliminated all the wrong answers first, somehow. What a fluke, right? (I mean, what are the chances of such a failure at this task? I have no idea how to do the math for that but I feel like it's gotta be statistically significant.)

Oh, I'm not sure if you placed the filing cabinet to block the doorway on purpose or not, dev. But I kind of like that as a small challenge that teaches you to move objects. It reminds me of how tutorials teaches the player mechanics they'll need to use in the game, often through obstacles. So if that was the idea, that's smart game design...which hopefully you'll put to good use with your next project! Anyway, overall I thought this was cute (despite the subject matter, I guess). I like the aesthetic aspect; the style is funky and the scene/setting is original. This is quite a unique creation, that's for sure.

Well, cool format. That's really all the feedback I can give so far...Oh and the song is creepy. Kind of mesmerizing, too.

Cute af

Creative concept!

This is hilarious. (I haven't even played it yet, but...)

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Yeah can you even install a legit version of windows onto a mac? Sorry if that's a stupid question lol I seriously am not sure. But also, I had issues with Wine trying to play Diablo 2 so that's why I originally just did the hard drive partition with the separate OSs. It works much better because each one just works as normal.

I love Local's one of my favorite horror pieces of all time. I wish I could play this game but my computer never gets pasts a black screen upon starting it. :(

You know what's funny? I'm a big John Wolfe fan but I had played some of this dev's games before I ever subbed to John. It was funny to me realizing that this game dev was the same that John trashed for his Timore series. But it seems that even now, JW actually likes your new games such as this one. For example, the reason I liked Vidas was starting with Dia. When John played it after me, he was impressed and gave credit where it was due. Idk how to put it...its just been a wild ride with John Wolfe and Vidas/Timore Dev lol. It's a pairing that I stan. 

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Iwan I'm sorry I keep commenting at you. Lol. I just wondered if you tried his/her new game, which is one of the most popular free games on currently apparently. It is called Trepidation: Redemption, and the dev says it is their way of redeeming this original Tredipation game that people hated so much. Just thought it could be an interesting game idea for you to cover the new one. I haven't played either to be honest.

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Nice, definitely spooped me. Although I knew the end screen wasn't what it mimicked, it still gave me the creeps when closing back to my desktop!

Also I'm playing on Bootcamp version of windows on an old 2010 macbook so that may be why the last part didn't scare me as much as it should have for regular people on new computers.

Exactly lol. Maybe you should add asmr tags to some of your more soft spoken videos, I bet it would attract some insomniac viewers like me. :P

True. A lot of others did seem truly surprised though by the twist. It was just a fluke guess for me maybe :)

Somehow I guessed the "twist" right away like within the first 45 seconds. Just a lucky guess, I suppose? However I still enjoyed the experience!

Care to give a couple other recommendations for free games? The top 5 you mentioned?

Ahh I can't wait for this!!

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Hey, just wanted to say that my partner and I love and appreciate your content, we usually watch your playthroughs to wind down at night (I think your yt channel helps us sleep due to the combination of the artistic visuals of the indie games you typically choose to showcase, plus your calming-voiced commentary)

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I really enjoyed this! I loved that there were actual scientific concepts being used as the basis for this theoretical nightmare...for example, explaining how you can communicate with the patient by referencing Broca's area (the speech center of the brain) being hooked up to the machine. The pacing, with the hints toward weirdness/wrongness of the situtation amping up over time, was also masterful. 

Discover My Body reminds me of a classic scary campfire tale combined with a retro yet novel form of gameplay (-the scanning interface with different bodily systems and hot spots to click for dialogue). Overall this is a very clean, sharp and unique philosophical horror game. 

I would love to see an expanded version of the game, but if not, I look forward to seeing your future projects in general! And if you do have past games on, well I'm about to play them when I go to your dev page after posting this comment! :)

Edit: Just realized I had played Water Womb World by you a few days before this game- I knew Yames sounded familiar. Haha, anyway, loving your stuff.

Why get so angry at a *free* indie game that you have to spam its comments section?

I'd also love to know if you have read The Shining (by Stephen King) or watched the movie (by Stanley Kubrick). Perhaps you don't understand this game for a reason.

I'd also love to know if you have read The Shining (by Stephen King) or watched the movie (by Stanley Kubrick). Perhaps you don't understand this game for a reason.

Gotcha! Glad I could mention the MS games to you then, as a fellow Twilight Zone fan. Your game is awesome too! :)

So it's like a lighthearted version of Midnight Scenes? Cool...I'll try.

It's not all about youtubers...sometimes real music fits the game.

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I play Windows games on my ol' Macbook using Bootcamp :)

It's a process to set up but it makes it so you have both operating systems and can switch between them whenever (by restarting your computer and selecting which one to boot into). It's worth it though if you can figure out how to do it or get someone more computer-savvy to help you. Now I have the best of both worlds on my Mac: I can install & play Windows-only games on my Windows partition, and install & use Mac-only programs on my OS X partition.

(The virtual machine idea that Matute295 suggested is also a fine option, but games will run better if you actually have Windows running on your computer via Bootcamp)