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Alex Hanson-White

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Updated again to fixed a regression. Should be good now.

Thanks! :)

Looks like it is coming together well. :)

Thanks! I'm working on a game and I'm actually thinking of creating some robots that will serve as the bosses for it. The regular enemies will be 2d billboard sprites.

Nice looking game! Cool to see another project using Crocotile3d, I'll have to keep my eye on this!

Simply amazing work- those pixels are so good! Nice balance of details and form.

Very nice! You did a good job adding all the interactive doors and shootable elements! I agree with Codex, it is a nice proof of concept and could see it being developed further :)

Thanks! I'd totally play it! :)

Thanks! :)

Nice work! Good to hear it is coming together. Looking forward to playing it!

Nice job! I like that I can run around and explore the space. Very cool to be able to make it so quickly too- I can imagine it with more action and explosions and things.

Very cool! I love all the variety and details. The use of the colors is great too :)

Nice work! I like the frog/bird concept.

Cute bot! I like the treads and I can imagine it rolling around a garden harvesting the strawberries.

Very nice work! I like the variety you have in the scene and the colors. I'm not familiar with the fallout game, but thes robots look great :)

Very nice! It has a lot of character! I love the water element too.

Very cute! Great idea, and I think it came out very well!

Very nice! I love the lowspec nature of the details, and the concentration of them has a certain charm.

Very cool! Looks really tough like a tank. Kind of has a crab vibe going.

Very nice work! The lighting and scene give it a spooky feeling.

Amazing work! Really love the whole scene and vibe. The details are very nice, and the concept too!

Very nice! Looks suited for a game where there are mobs of these scurrying around.

Amazing work- I really like the character of the frog :) 
Excellent job with the animation!

Those messages should be fine. The Steam message is for steam users(since the steam version and itch version run the same code).

What happens when you try running it? Are you opening the terminal to the folder and typing ./crocotile3d to run it? Does typing sudo ./crocotile3d work any differently?

Yeah, you can definitely make use of it in a lot of different types of games. Looking forward to seeing how your progress goes!

Cool- I'm also in the same situation. I'm experimenting with the AStar stuff in Godot. I'm setting up a grid of points, and then connecting them together. Then I find a path from one point to another. There's a youtube video I found that explains it pretty well by jmbiv.

Nice job! I think the ray casting is a good choice, and I like the detection zone too. I'm interested in see how the enemy behavior turns out.

thanks! :)

Thanks! :)

Thanks! yeah- I wish more games in general looked more like this (lowpoly pixel-art)

Woah, cool interpretation of the dungeon theme! Nice job!

Very cool- This came out really well! Nice atmosphere!

Very nice! I can almost feel the dampness just by looking at it. Nice work!

It's like a mixture of tron, portal, and indiana jones. Very cool!

Very nice! It has a bit of a gritty feel that I like.

Very cool! The use of the vertex colors adds a nice effect.

I love the eery atmosphere, like it is out of an old monster movie.

Nice and simple- makes me imagine what other characters and places could be explored.

Nice job with all the details- I think this entry looks the most lively/friendly. :)