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Alex Hanson-White

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Thanks :)

Nice animation! I like all the pixel details. :)

Nice work! Looks great. I like all the shapes and the way you composed the scene.

Thanks! :)

That's great to hear! Yeah, you can use other styles for your tilesets if you want.

Hey, thanks for the crocotile purchase- I received a message notifying me that the activation code wasn't sent due to your mailbox quota being full. Let me know if you were able to receive it or not. Hopefully you'll see this message, since I don't know if your email is working, and not sure how else to contact you.

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Crocotile uses nw.js , and it seems like there is a problem with Windows Defender incorrectly diagnosing apps that use nw.js. A lot of programs use nw.js so maybe some other programs are influencing how windows defender judges any app that uses nw.js
Here is a post on the nw.js website that reports the issue:
I've also tried to contact microsoft about it. Hopefully they can fix the issue with windows defender.

If you go to:
There are download links for the latest version. If you've already activated the demo, it will stay activated.

Thanks :) If you need any help with it, feel free to join the crocotile discord server. There are various others who chat there and share their work.

Thanks! That's great to hear that, and I appreciate the kind words :)

I'll try my best.

Hi, yes- feel free to use them :)

You're welcome! :)

Yeah, that sounds fine with me. I made the robot for fun, so it's not a big deal.  I hope your webcomic works out well for you! :)

I don't know- I guess as long as you give credit you can use it how you like?

thanks! :)

thanks! :)

Nice work! I managed to complete it. I like the theme and concept too :)

Nice one- I love the concept! Cool animation too!

Thank you :)

Thanks :)

Cool idea to make a Tipi!

Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)

Has a nice gritty feeling. I like the mysterious ambience.

Amazing aesthetics! 

Nice tiles! The horse is my favorite part :)

Cool idea! Nice blocky characters- I like their hats :)

Love the detail of everything, looks very woody. Nice work!

There are bindings in the Edit > Buttons > Camera, section.. to control how the camera moves. So you should be able to get it similar to other programs. I plan to add an option to toggle between a freelook mode and the normal mode in the future.

Otherwise, the controls are designed to be intuitive, and similar to 2d paint applications. Such as photoshop, where you can hold space bar and click to pan the canvas.

Updated again to fixed a regression. Should be good now.

Thanks! :)

Looks like it is coming together well. :)

Thanks! I'm working on a game and I'm actually thinking of creating some robots that will serve as the bosses for it. The regular enemies will be 2d billboard sprites.

Nice looking game! Cool to see another project using Crocotile3d, I'll have to keep my eye on this!

Simply amazing work- those pixels are so good! Nice balance of details and form.

Very nice! You did a good job adding all the interactive doors and shootable elements! I agree with Codex, it is a nice proof of concept and could see it being developed further :)

Thanks! I'd totally play it! :)