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YT | Prokopiev

A member registered Oct 11, 2022

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Great game !!!

This game is cool

Cant wait for Chapter 3 ...

Best Game Ever ! I really love it
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Great Game !!! Real Fun

Very good horror game, love it

If you can set an ULTRA LOW QUALITY settings as i hit 20fps max and is still laggy

It crashes during the start animation for the 32bit version. Also very hard to hit the Start Button, it seems like hidden because the Start button we see is not clickable :)

Great Horror Game

I had real fun and good scare moments with this game. Very Good !!

Great Game, love it

Great game, love it !

It was FUN

10 ot of 10, true fun and joy
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Pretty good horror survival game, i recommend to all. 10/10

This game made me jump back. 10 out of 10

Congrats to Lixian, very good indie horror game!

The Best Halloween Game Ever. Recommend with both hands