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Woof! I love the voice acting. Great job!

Nice job! Merry Christmas!

Yea we planned to show what items were made of what material better.. but ran out of time. Glad you enjoyed it!

Very neat, far more features than I first anticipated. Love the art and music!

Thanks! Looks like I hadn't played yours yet; fixing that now :-D 

Woah that was my FAVORITE game of the jam yet! Great audio and smooth gameplay and graphics

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will do!

Give ours a go! It's a fun take on getting monsters ready to defend your dungeon!

If you're still looking then give ours a shot! A fun twist on running a dungeon

Here give ours a shot!

Let me know what you think!

We'd really like some feedback on our Loot-giving simulator

Delve into our destroyed dungeon and recover some items you can give out to new recruits!

Help me get some monster Battle Ready!

Check mine out and tell me what you think!

Very cute game, and it plays well. I like it!

Great graphics, animation and sound! I definitely did not succeed, but had a great time playing!

The art is simple yet effective. Odd controls, but a cool mechanic!

Very Pretty game!

Love the spritework!

I like the art and the concept. Digging up junk is pretty fun. Nice Sips modifier.