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Graphics and visual design look really good!


There are no plans to release the game on the mentioned store. Regards!

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Thank you for your support! :)

We may release it there too in a few months. :) Despite that, Itch.IO will always remain our main platform, cause it works like a charm.

Thanks! :)

Dziekujemy! Thanks a lot! <3

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Check out a few more screenshots from CyberTaxi! Here we go:

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CyberTaxi - driving first-person shooter video game, arcade simulator of a taxi from the future with RPG elements, in which you play the role of a cab driver working in a dark-noir futuristic city called Hindenburg. The future has been dominated by the sinister Gambricorp organization. Industry, high crime rate, illegal drugs and even littered streets are all part of everyday life in Hindenburg. Complete various fares and missions for different factions to gain access passwords to further districts - perhaps you may have a chance to survive and escape this unsafe post-apocalyptic urban area.


  • Earn money to purchase dozens of weapons and repair your cab!
  • Gigantic playing environment set in a dark-noir, futuristic city!
  • Pick up various customers and talk with them to find out more about dystopian future!
  • Combines best elements of FPS, car racing games and demolition derbies!
  • Search for hidden collectibles and additional activities around the city!
  • Cool, cyber-punk and funky synth-wave music tracks included!
  • Fatally eject customers who offend you!
  • All above… and a lot more awaits!

Gametek's Quarantine served as an inspiration for this title. If you like Escape from New York and other similar movies then this game is for you!

NOTE: This game contains scenes of violence and gore. 

VERSION: Early Access 0.54z Release, August 2019.

SALE: We have decided to sell our indie game for a small fee of $5. We require further development support and donations to finish the game in 100%. Game mechanics and main elements have been implemented in 100%.  Game content is completed in 50% (two districts of five have been fully developed so far).

We will post more information about the game and a FAQ soon.

By  Filip Liebert & Szymon Liebert as Projects from Basement, Poland

All rights reserved © 2019

How the game looks like? Here you go: