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Great game except it doesn't 100% match the creepypasta

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Where did sam go😢

I am not risking this

100% virus


OMG lachlan I love this game it is so much fun :) I hope there is a 2nd release soon 

A little to late for that

Hello rico tv I was on vacation for a while with my friend here is the game I promised you please notify if you have bought it yet

Lachlan your games keep getting better I downloaded the game and it was a blast I can't wait to buy the full edition

did you know that your average nintedo switch game is only a little bit more storage then this

the is the single biggest itch game I have VER downloaded 

So happy I have waited so long for this


I already promised the first 2 people I would get them a free game I am so sorry but no I do not have another copy. :(

Ok great I am so sorry my debit card has not loaded and I will get back to you when my card is loaded :)

I was so confused when I ended up outside my house and I was like huuuuuh and I go inside and I see big joe

if you already bought it please notify

I just read that my phone is charging when it is done I will get back to you.

Cool I just read this here

the first 2 people to say #free to me I will give you the game for free :)

I did have a problem when in the end when super omega mooshie 3006 chases you he didn't kill me when I caught up to him insted it launched me into the void

remember when this game was popular...

This is the scariest game I have ever played I kept looking out the door 

I had a 1000 iq big brain idea if you start with yourt mouse on the descend part and you tab into the ./start button it actually worked

This game was so scary it hurt my head

It deserved a four dollar donation though :)

You just want money I already paid 3 dollars + an extra 4 dollars as a donation.

reply #free game for a free game I will pay

Apparently if you do a secret ending veronica gets split in half

this game used to be top 3 what went wrong

Very unsatisfying experience to many bugs and now I will list them, #1 I ran out of onions for a recipe and it was during the day so I need to get behind hoppers yard but the guard is there and I can't get onions without getting back there and since you didn't program the time to be natural I was forced to leave the game #2 I glitched my scooter behind the wall behind hoppers yard during day all you have to do to do that is just get off and on very fast #3 when I was walking around uh oh I fall in between a ton of invisible barriers forcing me to leave the game again for the 2nd time the first time I restarted it worked perfectly fine and I reached the end of the game the 2nd time I restarted the game I got launched into the void forcing me to leave that game.

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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO What did these other game developers come up with next, you went from top 10 - top 17 now to be fair that is still very good but I tried the games and they were not the best games ever. Meaning you deserve to be at #1 actually #2 because my favorite game I have ever downloaded on itch was mooshie's kitchen 2 so mooshie's kitchen 2 should be #1

🎉TOP 10 congrats🎉

I have downloaded this game many times and you know what I had to scan my computer for viruses cuz first you read my files 2nd YOU READ MY COMPUTER SET EMAIL ADRESS but there were no viruses gg bro

Congrats you are currently on the top 20 popular games on itch 🎉!

it actually was a good game I love when you walk up to the Mooshie's kitchen you hear him saying "xjo[k adjkwhsbflkZDXHfbajldxhfghb" I don't even know what she says. You probably missed a lot if you didn't see the first 2 games cause you don't know how Mooshie is president.

OMG best game ever 100/10 great work 

3/10 to many glitches #1 I got stuck between 18 invisible barriers #2 I glitched my scooter into the hole behind hoppers yard during day time #3 I somehow ran out of onions during the day and sadly I had an order so it would not turn to night meaning I am stuck with no onion to complete his order making it impossible to get more onions forcing me to leave the game. when I started a new game I was in my house and 3 seconds later I get launched into the void. 


RIP steven hillenburg :(