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Yea it should be able to work.

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Hello, try downloading the "Blood Moon: Genesis Backup Build" above and see how it goes. Also, if you don't mind may you let us know your PC specs?. Thank you.

Hi, you should be able to .If it does not work try setting it to 30 FPS and also try lowering the resolution scale in game. Let us know how it goes.

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Thank you for your feedback! :D

Thanks for playing the game Mierul. We are glad to hear that you enjoyed the game.

Thank you for the feedback we will be working on fixing it for our final build

Apologies everyone, but we made the decision to delay the build to the next week 1st of April to add more features and the new level in for the next Beta Test build. Some of the things that we will be adding into the build will be : 
- New sets of polished player animation
- New tutorial level 
- More User interface art
- 2 new Minions (Brute and Decapitated Shuten Head)
- Improvement to the boss fight with the inclusion of the new minion
and more improvements on the game itself

Stay Tuned for the next build next week and we will see you in the Underworld!!

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Set your dates and get ready for the new and improve build that will be coming out on the 25th of March 2020. 

What can you expect in the new build?

  • New Brute, flying head and normal minion
  • More particles to feel satisfied when you slay them with your sword
  • Massive improvements on the bloodpool instead of the boring square shape
  • Buffs to the boss for certain attacks to make it more challenging
  • New tutorial and level section to learn the basic mechanics
  • Improvement on the user interface and additional user interface assets to be added
  • Improvement and addition of more and new sounds to entice the player in battle
  • Improvement on the player's animation and attack
  • Improvement on the games performance 
  • ...and many  other more!!!!

Watch out for the patch notes that will be coming in with the build next week and with that we will see all of you in the Underworld!!!!