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Thanks for the nice video, and yes there are a lot of issues ;) As you said, the game was done in a week - however, I am no graphic artist, so the graphics are actually from the unity asset store, however, everything else was done, in that week - You can see the development here:

Hey, sorry for the slow reply, but been on holidays!

Anyways, thank you for the great video, and the feedback - as this being a one week challenge, I of course know there are a ton of bugs, but I am not sure whether or not I will go around to improve on this game, or continue on this specific game - I will however start a new project this monday.

Best Regards,


Hi Fellowplayer,

Thanks for the nice video and the comment - You for sure is right about the bugs - wasn't actually aware that it could break the game ;) But as I updated in the description, this was a one-week-challenge game!

I don't know if it's going on Game Jolt, but I'll be sure to announce if it is, or if I continue working on The Road in the future.