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Joe Shelton

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Thanks for the great feedback! It's built with Bitsy, which doesn't support sound unfortunately. If I had time I would have at least tried to embed a low level ambient track I think :).

Love the art for the cubes. Sound is also really well implemented. I would say this is one of the most commercially viable submissions I've seen.

If I was to offer any criticisms, it would be that the puzzle mechanics themselves are mostly familiar/derivative (although I understand that is often necessary given the time constraints), and I'm not sure I got how the game fits the 'one time use' theme (probably just me!).

All in all, excellent!!! Well done! :)

Love the UI and graphics. One of the more commercial submissions I've seen :)

Sadly my laptop was unable to run the game to a point where it was playable (output about 5fps). Not sure why. :(

Loving the art for this, particularly the map. Sadly I am no way near good enough to beat the first level... I assume that is just my lack of ability though!

Thanks for the feedback! Not sure you noticed, but the title screen has a 'help' option that shows you it's just arrow keys. I'll take the feedback on board though to make it clearer :).

Thank you for the constructive feedback! It's funny because 'too on the nose' were the EXACT words I said to my wife yesterday as one of my concerns. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen work commitments, I only had a few hours (8 or so) to make the game, so all the dialogue was written more or less first time, as it came into my head. I only had time for two passes for grammar checking! >.<

I also really wanted to add more agency for the player, but in Bitsy it's very time-consuming  so it didn't make it in :).

Thanks again!

This is superb. I got some real inspiration from your art, and the way you used room changes to make the lighting change. I wish you had a donation option :). I like to contribute to creators that help improve my own work!

Thank you so much for this. The artwork has been inspirational for my own game (currently in alpha). I'm re-building all the art after seeing how effective perspective can be from this game.