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Haven't played it yet, but it looks pretty nice so far. I just wish more people knew about this game

pretty much every time I play this game cause I'm bad

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I am now complete and incomplete

I managed to complete both the hero of frost and the royal arcanist's story but I only beat their stories on easy mode when there's also normal and hard mode. This is gonna be one hell of a ride 

Please bless me mino ;-;

I agree :)

Time for some more criticism. Normal and the hard difficulty, where do I start with this. I just recently went back and played on the normal difficulty and let me tell you that IT WAS A NIGHTMARE TO PLAY. I couldn't even get past the first fight because she kept using attack after attack that I can't even keep up with what's going on. I feel like you intended to make the game naturally hard but this I can't play. The hard difficulty is probably going to be literally impossible to play since the game is already hard with the other difficulties and to top it all off in that difficulty you can't recover any lives or card or whatever they are meaning through most of the game you probably have to flawlessly go through the entire game without losing any HP at all. Pretty much all the difficulties in the game are misleading but REMEMBER that this is only MY OPINION AND MY EXPERIENCE THROUGH THE GAME SO FAR. Don't take any of this way too seriously and only take them to a little consideration. No pressure on the development of the real deal and keep up the good work... again.

I feel kinda stupid calling it a magnus CARD when I think it's a barrier

the moment I start playing in the versus mode my mind immediately says "is this smash bros brawl?" as well as making a terrible mistake on setting the ai to hard

wow, this game is good and when I mean good I mean G O O D... but there is some things about this that I have to criticize. First of all the game is hard, this game kicked my ass plenty of times but the thing was I was on easy mode, I am a massive scrub with this game and I have a difficult time with the last part of the demo. Fighting against the hero of frost is a little bit easy but once she uses the magnus card it goes from pretty hard to how am I supposed to deal with this. Her attacks for the first phase of the magnus is just a wall of projectiles and I don't even know how to get past that since there IS an opening left in the wall but since you also need to attack her in order to progress with the fight is just annoying to deal with, from that I just gave up and I don't know what's next. But if you face against the royal arcanist, the fight is harder than any fights in my opinion. Her attacks are even more of a pain to deal with and once you take her down to her using the magnus, let me tell you AT THAT POINT SPECIFICALLY is when this fight is just nearly impossible for me. HER ATTACKS ARE EVEN HARDER THAN ANY OTHER CHARACTERS IN THIS GAME and to make it even worse either you fight the hero of frost OR the royal arcanist they have one additional card than you. Now you may think that it just makes it a little harder but after what I've experienced in either one of their fights I find pretty unfair. My point is make the last part really difficult but still forgiving and not too hard. So mino if you read this comment, don't take it WAY TOO SERIOUSLY and just think about making things just a tiny bit more easy, I'm looking forward to the final project of this game and I hope you are still working on this because it's a really good game that's got tons of difficulty in it and is really well made and creative. And now I don't know anything else to say for the end of this, and again don't take this as any harm but just take this into a little consideration. If you disagree with this then I don't care I'm really bad at this game any ways. So keep up the G O O D work ^_^

It's when I see that I need directX is when I get so pissed since I put a comment saying the game won't work. I really hate myself right now

I'm having a weird problem with the game. I try to load it up but for some reason the screen goes black and then it just shows a bunch of scripts and commands and that's it. I'm just stuck on that screen and I can't play the game. Can you please fix this if you see this comment? Thanks :D