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that sucks

i have a map reccomendation you probably have to zoom in to see it better but i would like to work with you but you probably work alone so just think about it , i would not be paid

hello i love this game sooooo  much, im not allowed to play COD so i can play this just 1 reccomendation to add better sights to scoped guns


im no dev but couldnt you still add a couple of guns under 1gb

im not trying to be mean

and how many guns are in it

is this any good

check your email i sent you one


your games are soooooooooooooo  awsome

I love the old school graphics

broooooo this looks sick

maloke you should remember me im professor watch i am your biggest fan for your stuff

your games have helped me become a better gamer

thx  for everything

i have all of ur stuff samperson its great

how do you get all of these in one se

before i played real minecraft i played this great one online called mind craft but the website got deleted

thank you this is grea

does this just make the gamepad shak

do you use this on 3d builder


 this a spinoff of among u

thats funny i love the camera modes i make  movies on it


awsome game

this is a spinoff of tabs

great retro graphics

are you on the app

and have you unzipped the file

is it free

really cool game you are my favorite indy developer

junkbytes pls repl

really good game should update it loved it


will this lag on a normal compute

oh thats coo

haha his face

this game did not even run help pls