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The window should be an easy fix, it's simple bad model design that needs tweeking.

Definitely looking into that alt-tab thing, weird one that. Think it's a bit of an issue with the engine itself, but I should be able to find a way to counter act it.

Thanks again for such well rounded advice, it really is a great help.

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Yep, the injured sound is dreadful, no doubt about it. As for the other stuff, once again some really good points.

Didn't know about the alt-tab issue, so that on especially was really helpful to have it pointed out. I'll take a look at that.

The stamina thing is also a really good point. As for the doors and vents issue, I'm currently working on some tweaks to improve that.

As I'm sure you figured out this one was a bit of a rush job, but was certainly a good learning experience.

Thanks again for some very useful feedback, it's really helpful.

Thank you, some really nicely constructive points here. I totally agree on the key binding. It's going to be tricky figuring out how to do it, but it is needed.

Thanks for the tips.

Very odd, do you have any more details I could look into (error messages, crash reports, does it happen at a specific point ect.).

Thanks for letting me know, would love to get this fixed.

No problem...really enjoyed the chat.

Always nice to run into a true horror expert, and thanks again.

Nailed it!!!

Absolutley correct, well done.

Extremely close.

If I'm honest, I probably went a bit over the top with how specific this reference is. I strongly suspect that Carol Of The Bells was based on the same thing, as was the title music of The Shinning.

Funnily enough, they do both start on the exact same 4 you are sort of right.

You're close.

It's not a Christmas themed tune, but it is horror related...and a lot, lot older.

Exactly what I thought, everyone misses that one.

 Nice work!

Oh, and I'm curious. Which piece of evidence were you missing?

Good eye. Acctualy there is a history to the musical notes in the menu...I could spoil it, or let you figure it out for yourself. Your choice.

...oh, and your English is great.

Ohh, I like the John Carpenter comparison...very happy with that.

Glad you enjoyed the game, good luck with that last bit of evidence (got a suspicion which one it is, there is a tricky one in there). 


I'm glad you enjoyed, thank you.

Got quite a few more ideas in the works, so will hopefully have them coming your way soon.

Thanks, that's always great to hear.

Please do check out the others. Slay Bells is a bit rough around the edges as it was part of a 20 day challenge (planning a tidied up re-release soon), but Under The Stairs is a bit more polished...have fun.

Thanks, I have plenty more coming soon that Im looking forward to sharing.

I knew that damn tree would be a problem. Guess I need to make another pass at tidying up the collision mesh. Thanks for telling me, Ill put the fix in the next update.

That's absolutley ideal...thank you. I should have everything I need here. I'm on it.

Thats great news that you got it working. Ill look forward to checking out the video. Thanks.

Weird, Ill take a look. Which anti-virus? I'll install it myself and see if I can figure out what my code is being touchy about.

Yes, that helps. Thanks.

That's a pain.  The code to interact shouldn't turn on now until the right point. Thanks, I have another look at it. (Is the any specific angle or approach, or is it just anywhere if you are too close?) 

Brilliant, always great to hear someone enjoyed my work. I'll take a look at the video.

Oh, but most importantly, really glad to hear you're enjoying it so far.

funnily enough, just finished dealing with the menu about 10 minutes ago. Next update has a menu option to turn the chimes off. Thank you for telling me though, its actually really helpful when someone confirms I'm on the right track and not just chasing my tail with useless features.

Oh better yet, as I stupidly forgot to add version numbers. Does your copy have mouse sensitivity in the settings, as the original version didnt.

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I actually uploaded a fix for this yesterday.  Could I ask when did you downloaded your copy? Just so I know if it was the older version, or if the fix didn't work.

I really appreciate that, thankyou. Picked up quite a few useful pointers from you're comments section as well. The menu sound effects seem to be a real love it or hate it deal, so thinking I might add the option to toggle them on and off in the settings.

And yes, please do give the others a try.

Under The Stairs is very similar format to this one.

Slay Bells however, is a bit rough an ready as it was made as part of a 20 day challange, but hopefully you'll get a laugh out of it.

Just finished watching. Nicely done, driving me nuts trying to remember which evidence items you missed, but fun to see this one again.

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Copperport Casefiles: Dead Of Winter

Better yet, fixed it.

Just needed a tweek on one of the variables and no more out of sequence picking up firewood. Thanks for the pointer, the fix will be uploaded in the update coming in the next few days.

Thanks, it's geat to hear you enjoyed it. Think I have an idea of what you're getting at with the bug. Do you mean you can reach over the woodshed door without opening it? That would make sense as it would mess with the sequence of events. As you can probably guess, the game isn't meant to let you do that so I'll have to get it fixed.

I'll add that to the next update, thanks for letting me know.

Watching it now, skipped ahead first though to see if I was right about the evidence. Yep you missed exactly the one I suspected. Left a little hint in your video comments.

Great, I'm intruiged to see which one you missed. (There is one that is pretty easy to miss, so I suspect I know which one it is). I'll take a look.

No problem,

No worries. Quite frankly I completely understand about the copyright thing. Youtube has a really bad record when it comes to protecting creators from illegal copyright claims. (serious, check out their history with UMG, its appalling). I can completely understand wanting to play it safe. 

Anyway, weird though it sounds out for context, enjoy your trip to the bathroom.

I am genuinley impressed, that has to be the fastest I have seen anyone solve those puzzles. Was kind of interesting seeing you climb out the window, because you're not supposed to be able to do that.

Liked it though, with a bit of a code tidy the window should be an option.

You shouldn't have to worry about copyright, the film clip is public domain and I own the rights to everything else. It was fun to watch you playing (you worked out what the glasses were for way faster than most). As for where you did get stuck, I don't want to give too much away, I'll just say...bathroom.