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Loved it. Really fun characters, strong retro art style and some genuinely interesting puzzles. 

Would love to see more from this world.

Really nice, solid build. As a demo, it stands up really well and looks great. The story and world building would need to be fleshed out for a full release. That's something I would love to see one day.

Got to admit, something about this story really got under my skin and sunk it's hooks in.

A  powerful, heart wrenching ending. 

Looking forward to trying the second one.

Awesome, great art work, atmosphere and multiple endings. What's not to love.

Simple, but very effective. Heavily packed with fore shadowing of all things that would later make Shiver great.

If you want thick atmosphere, solid puzzles and masterfully built suspense, this is the game for you! Loved every second of it.

Strong improvement to the first episode. 

The first one was great, but this one was longer, more story, more character development.

I'm actually excited to see where episode 3 goes.

Awesome. Loved the retro feel, the thick atmosphere and the building mystery.

Keep them coming.