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This is great! Pretty challenging but fun! I'd love to see this on mobile

I love the intro! took me back to the good ol' days. It has that time crisis sort of feel where it leads you around an environment. I would love to see that style be brought back and I think you have a good start to doing that with this game.

nice graphics! I like the game concept, nice new spin on an old game style

I like the graphics! Very nice sound effects. Not entirely sure what to do at first so I just started pushing the one button there is and something happened!

This is great! simple graphics with nice sound effects. I like the game, I never played joust but this is something I could get into.

awesome game concept, I like what you did there! reminds me of nidhogg a little bit.

Awesome music and sound effects. Very interesting gameplay! This is awesome I guess text adventure, very clever idea

wow the graphics are very mesmerizing. I found the text a little hard to read sometimes but it goes with the pixely graphics. Chill game that involves creating some interesting to read phrases.

Awesome retro graphics and sound effects! I like the synthesis of the two game jam ideas

I love the idea behind this, great job for making a sciency game. Also I dig the name! nice job

this reminds me of slap the monkey game that use to be on newgrounds way back when but with better variety. i like all the costumes on the dummys. I think a little explanation at how to slap and when not to would be nice before it starts. I get pretty slap happy with this game!

nice graphics! I like the particle effect in the background. The menu cursor was pretty cool too. On the 3rd level I like the addition of the areas that you need to completely fly over and not stop on. I think this would make a suitable mobile game.

this is great! much fun, pixely graphics and very responsive character movement with just one button.

I think the art for this is fantastic and it looks really cool! The only downside is I wish there was a single player mode where I could play through each character's campaign

I didn't have a program to open rar's before but just for you I downloaded one so that I could play and I was not disappointed. Smooth gameplay, nice music and fancy animations.

Ha this is great! I love graphics. Very nice game play. Funny game characters

I am a big monster hunter fan! I love everything about this! great job!

I think this is a really awesome idea! The only thing is I do not know the beat that I am tapping at. Some indicator showing your clicks would be great so that I know how to sync my rhythm to what the game wants.

very interesting concept! I can dig it. I think this has alot of potential with different characters for combat and abilities.

I didn't think I was moving at first but I was. Easy controls and smooth gameplay!

hahah I love the intro! very funny

Awesome gameplay! I really enjoy this one

I love the graphics! Very fun game play with enough variety to keep you entertained. I'd love to see this come to mobile or something

simple graphics. I needed to read the 'about' to figure out the controls. I think its an interesting concept that might benefit from 2 buttons better than 1, one button for each type of movement. I found it a little slow switching between modes with just one button

I like the animations, very dynamic! fun little minigame

I love the experience! very cinematic. great job!

This is really awesome! Reminds me of super hexagon a little bit. I like that you have highscores in the game as well. It would be interesting if there was a penalty for not hitting the red section like a deduction in time. I would love to see this game ported to mobile after the game jam with more orthodox controls

I really like the idea of this game! I could see different heads having different types of explosions in the future

Nice game! Gameplay is really smooth and I like the pixelated graphics. It would be interesting if you stack 3 of the same block that something special happens.

Very cool concept! I could see this evolving into an addictive RPG. I too am having a hard time understanding how to play. I started the tutorial but I don't understand where things are launched below once I do understand i can see this being very fun

This is pretty tough! I wish there was a way to see the teacher when you are cheating. Like if the teacher's head could rotate or start to change colors ultimately leading up to red.

hahah this is awesome! I love your classroom art

Slick graphics and fun gameplay. I often found myself over shooting the target after accelerating thinking the ship would just launch after I released

Interesting graphics! I like the style. I too found the rate of a fire a bit slow. I think this would greatly benefit from 2 buttons or at least someway to switch directions like in the game Alien Disaster

Ha cool graphics with an interesting concept. Torture never felt so good

Graphics are very nice and retro! I love all the characters. I think this would make a very nice game on mobile devices. Fun to play!

Awesome game! Has a lot of potential, I really enjoyed playing it

I would love to see this game without the one button controls later down the road. It is a clever use of one button but I think after the jam the game will excel without it. Really interesting gameplay and clever mechanics! I would love to see this game evolve into something big.

Sweet graphics! and fun gameplay

hahaha I love seeing the drunk goggles