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I've been wanting that as well

Cool, thanks!

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These are looking so cool! Just one more question. Do you plan on adding the triangular shaped roofs for houses to this pack? That's all I really need for my project.

I just made it look more clear and better looking in Photoshop.

I started my own horror project with this. My game will be about a character finding a haunted game cartridge, similar to how some Creepypasta stories start out. I had to find pixel art of a Game Boy and Game Boy cartridge so those don't look perfect.

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Could I make a suggestion? Since you added garage sales, could you add a Game Boy or a retro style game cartridge and console that can be placed on tables? It's something I want for a game based on Creepypasta stories.

Now I can make a garage sale horror game if I want lol

Yay! Thanks for releasing these! Will you be adding Halloween resources to these next year?

Awww I was waiting for new Halloween resources...

Can you please add the RPG Maker versions of the punching/attacking animations for characters? Because I don't know how to set them up for RPG Maker MV.

I bought this on Steam and it's very nice but could you possibly make horror assets in this style?

Do these work for RPG Maker MV?

Oooo a hospital theme! I could definitely use this for a horror game. :D

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Do any of your resource packs have grave stones? If not, here's what my friend's grave looks like because I'd like to add it to my game.

You're the best! :D

Thank you so much! Now I just need the outside of my friend's house and I can start making my game. :)

Since you're adding more inside stuff, could you add a Nintendo Wii as a game console, please?

I'm not sure

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Here's an idea of what colors my friends house should be in case if you can't tell in the photo I sent you. I edited house colors in Photoshop to show you what colors my friend's house should be. The door might be white though but I can't entirely remember. 

I made an page for my game I'm making with your resources here: 

Of course I'll still post a video of my game in these comments when I upload one.

These are so awesome! They look just like me! :D

It's perfect! Thank you so much! You are a great person and I hope you know that! :D

Thank you! :D

The guy character on this update named Ash is based on my best friend who passed away in 2018. LimeZu is truly an amazing, thoughtful person <3

Also do any of your tilesets happen to have a campfire? Because I'm trying to recreate the times when my friend, Ash had bonfires.

You are the best! :D

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Alright I just sent some pictures on Twitter. His name was Ash.

I'd like to make a request and I'd even pay for it if necessary. A best friend of mine passed away back in 2018 and I'd like to know if you could possibly make a character based on him for me. I have pictures of him for a reference. Please let me know if you can do this for me. I'd really appreciate it if you can.

These are just so awesome! I might make a grocery store horror game.

I changed the wall color again because gray seems to fit the horror feel more.

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Nicely done! Here's my version of the wall tile with the different colored bricks if you wanna add it to your resources. :) 

Oh ok, would you possibly make a horror pack in the future then? I'd pay money for one.

Thank you for adding these! I have a request but if you can't then it's okay. Would you be willing to make character sprites that are inspired by Among Us crewmates in this style that are different enough so that they can be considered not infringing on copyright? Because I have some interesting ideas.

I'm guessing the sit animations are only for non-RPG Maker stuff.

Is there a version I can play in English?

Still brining in quality content! The $3 and some change I paid for these definitely feels like a steal! Keep up the awesome work, dude! 😁

Balls lol

Thanks! :)

So I was messing around with the match color option in Photoshop while editing the colors of your wall textures and I found the perfect colors for the bricks. They definitely make my basement map look like a dark and creepy basement now.

Oh ok, cool