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I'm loving the ghosties!

Spoopy! I love it!

Halloween assets when?

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Whoa I didn't expect this to get an update! I still need to work on a horror game I was making with this.

Seems cool but now when i release my game called The Diner, people will think im copying your game.

That's cool that you released this. Unfortunately I'm not currently using RPG Maker and I'm not sure if I could figure out how to set these up in GameMaker.

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MonMae is the best engine for making Monster Tamer games!

No Scarestaff 2022?

These are cool! Do you think you could eventually update the pack adding a full Halloween tileset?

So no Halloween stuff this year?

These are cool but im still waiting for Halloween stuff.

These are awesome just like the interior resources. Im looking forward to all of the cool updates!

These are awesome assets! Definitely good for making Monster Tamer style games. :D

There's already a game releasing called Dokimon by Yanako RPGs. Not sure if you know that or not.

When will you be making Halloween exterior stuff? Because i wanna make a short Halloween themed game this year but I'm not really happy with Halloween stuff I can currently find online.

Are these compatible with RPG Maker MV?

Both if possible

Enjoy your break! Also can you make sprites at some point of characters holding a lantern?

Oh cool I've been hoping for sprites with backpacks. You are awesome for the stuff you make! :D

Oh ok, I didn't know about the update. Thanks!

The new updates are cool but I don't see any of the recent resources for RPG Maker MV. 

Oooo very nice! I hope you add character sprites that resemble a Slasher character kinda like Jason.

I'm not sure if you're a fan of Rick and Morty or not but I added a Rick and Morty easter egg in my game I'm making with your graphics. I made Rick himself by editing some of your sprites too.

These are still looking great! Am I allowed to use these in something like Unity Engine? I'm asking because I'm taking an online course to try to learn how to code in Unity Engine so I can move on from RPG Maker.

The front part separate from the roof. I can't tell if the house that I'm trying to make is blue on the front or gray.  Either should work though. I'm referencing this house.

Nice! This is the kind of house I need for the game I'm making. Now I just need a gray version of the house and it will be perfect.

Looks good! Is there any chance you could possibly make the house from this video?:

If not, it's okay but I'm trying to remake that video as a game and I'm trying to make it as accurate as possible.

I've been working on a game with your resources and I hope it's okay that I made an edit to one of the boxes that looks like game consoles are in it. I can give you the box resources if you want to add them to the collection.

Welcome back! I'm glad you're doing better. Don't over do it again.

I'm glad you're doing better

I hope you're doing okay

I've been wanting that as well

Cool, thanks!

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These are looking so cool! Just one more question. Do you plan on adding the triangular shaped roofs for houses to this pack? That's all I really need for my project.

I just made it look more clear and better looking in Photoshop.

I started my own horror project with this. My game will be about a character finding a haunted game cartridge, similar to how some Creepypasta stories start out. I had to find pixel art of a Game Boy and Game Boy cartridge so those don't look perfect.

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Could I make a suggestion? Since you added garage sales, could you add a Game Boy or a retro style game cartridge and console that can be placed on tables? It's something I want for a game based on Creepypasta stories.

Now I can make a garage sale horror game if I want lol

Yay! Thanks for releasing these! Will you be adding Halloween resources to these next year?

Awww I was waiting for new Halloween resources...