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What a gem! I never played the original but this is a fantastic game and concept - thank you for bringing it to the PD.

Couple of things... first, why does the tripod say 3210? Second, could you allow the B button to also fire (it is more comfortable in my hands this way)? And finally, I noticed some strangeness when you fire parallel to the bottom of the screen... the ball will come to a stop below the line and allow you to continue playing. You can also shoot balls into other balls this way. Not a big deal but just seemed unintended. 

Thanks again & especially for the source as well, very helpful learning tool.

Really nice! Good candidate for a Playdate port, as well ;) 

Love the game! Could you allow the B button to activate boost as well? It is much more comfortable for me to hit B when cranking, rather than A or UP.

Really intriguing so far... I love how much you've jammed into such an eloquently designed package!


Oh man this is inspiring! Your plans to add additional tracks can really open up some musical potential for this. Reminds me of making tracks of found-sounds while I'm out and about with the PO-33 sampler.

Best of luck with this! It's already pretty fun to mess around with the playback speed 

Incredible work!

Really solid - thanks for the memories!

I hereby formally request crank to roll, though!

Nice work on this! Absolutely adored Rodents Revenge years ago... thanks for the memories

Still throwing an error on the Playdate website.

Update your pdxinfo file to just this:

description=A game to show your friends how much fun the Playdate is!

I was able to get it to side load by making that change.

However when running the game on my device, I see an error message "Update Needed - The game must be updated to run on the current system version"

You're killin it!

"only the playfield shakes now" -- I couldn't figure out what bothered me about the original screen shake but this was absolutely it.

Really solid game - thanks for making this :D 

Really nice - feels way better now

Lookin good!

My high score on the device for v1.3 is:

50 !

Thanks so much, RUMBLEBOX. 

I'm happy to make the source available to help others learn as I did. I've attached the source to this page. It wasn't intended to be shared (so it may not be the most readable to others), so let me know if you have any questions.

Note to all: the information in the pdxinfo file has been removed, so be sure to fill this out if you happen to use this code for another project.

Wonderfully done! Loved this game as a kid. :D

Small piece of feedback: Using the Dpad feels great but the crank feels a little too sensitive to me. Perhaps if the crank input went by ticks split by 4 (so it would take a full rotation of the crank to move from all the way left to all the way right). Just a thought! Love what you have here though & thank you for porting it over

Really fun to play -- Little bug: when I win vs CPU, it says "Winner CPU" but shows my character

Nice work on the game!

Really cool mechanic, jumping to move the platforms. Nice work!

Nice one!


Nice work!

New Personal Best:

Level 56, 355 platforms!

(I skipped the tutorial for this run)

Just released version 2 of my arcade platformer which takes place in an increasingly unstable world.

Stability Failing:

Based on player feedback over the past few days, I focused this patch on these areas:

  • tightening up the physics
  • reducing the difficulty
  • quality of life for returning players

Deep dive on design decisions for fellow game developers:


On initial release, the platforms felt slippery and there were inconsistencies in the collision detection. The slipperiness was addressed by reducing the maximum horizontal speed allowed when on the ground and introducing a drastic reduction in horizontal velocity upon first contact with a platform. This allows the player to "stick" the landing and it feels much better.

The collision detection inconsistencies boiled down to the size of my hitboxes. In order to avoid clipping through a platform at high vertical velocity, I made the platform hitboxes a few pixels tall. This solved the clipping issue, however it introduced inconsistencies in vertical positioning of the player on a platform. Sometimes the player would be standing on the platform and sometimes they would be a few pixels above the platform. To address this, I simply forced the player's position to be a pixel above the platform upon first contact with the platform.


The difficulty was reduced in a couple ways. First, the starting platform increased in size by 66%. Second, the time it takes for platforms to fade away after contact was increased. Since platform fade-away time decreases on each level, this change flattened the difficulty curve a bit for both earlier and later levels.

Quality of life

Since my game breaks down over the first 11 levels (to fit the "unstable" theme of Ludum Dare game jam), it sometimes feels like the game doesn't really "start" until level 12 for returning players. Thus, I added an option to skip the tutorial in the menu. This allows anyone to start the game at level 12 (when things get interesting and more difficult).

Hello! I created this Pico8 game for LD49 and I am super proud of it :D 

The theme was "unstable" so various aspects of my game begin to breakdown as you progress through the levels. First, the platforms then the walls, then the player itself! Even your monitor will create some dead-pixels while playing :)

The game is "arcady" because there is no true end to it -- you play to beat high-scores. My current best is level 30 with 264 platforms. I'd love to hear how far you get! 

I hope you enjoy & I am open to any feedback you have.

Stability Failing

A short story sets off a grand adventure of arcady, platform-hopping fun in an increasingly unstable world.

Is it okay to use these in a commercial product with credit?



So charming!

Very clever and fun game!

Dope game! Love creature sims and love the art :D 

Any chance of a mac build! I'd love to play on my laptop at work!!