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Super excited~! <3


Very spooky. I love it and look forward to more :>

I'm so hooked on this game. Love all the intgrigue >:3 This game will for sure be on my to buy list when it's fully released! <3

I adore this! Having the mc be a supporting character is actually really fun, makes them more relatable than some other kinds of mcs. The graphics are super cool, I've never seen a vn with anything like them, and I love all the characters (Lucas is the best boi). 

I adore this game <3 Favourite route was the Rafael and Shika Ash route. (I love all the routes to bits)

This was so good. I loved every minute of the demo! Eagerly looking forward to where the story goes from here. :D

This game has me hooked!! Looking forward to more of this great story. <3

Really enjoying your game! The artwork is gorgeous, and the story has me hooked. :>

This game is fantastic!! It's just so good on so many levels. Stellar writing, gorgeous artwork, and you have no idea how happy I was made when I was given the option of they/them pronouns and that polyamorous relationships were an option. Thank you so much for this wonderful creation, I can hardly wait for the next episode. <3