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Prof. Xavier

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Hi mate, do you include the color palette for us to further develop the assets?

Thanks Seliel. I havent bought the assets yet doing it this weekend :) Im very glad to see the sword animations and new tilesets. They look sweet AF keep up the great work!

Hey Seliel, I suck at color palettes and want to start making characters for your tilesets, but dont want to mess up the colors. Could you provide the color palette used for your assets so we can use them when creating characters?

What is the size of the orc?

Awesome dude. Great job. Gonna get these assets :) 

also, are they the same size as the base pack? that would make it really easy to adapt :) I cant find their size are they 16x16?

Do you have any map tilesets that you recommend that are compatible with this style? I checked your stuff and didnt find any only a zoomed out map :( 

how hard would it be to adapt these to the base?

Hi I like these packs but only the base seem to have death/cast/punch animations?

Hey Seliel, asked this on the wrong place a week ago, wanted to ask you if you are working on sword combat or spells for this asset :) 

yeah sorry got this in an email and was excited :)

Awesome work Seliel. As usual. Do you have any roadmap for combat animations for the basic character? Apart from spear and bow that are already done :)

youre awesome Thomas keep it up. Big fan

sorry to tell you he only does gamemaker. Check udemy courses there are some great ones there

Beatiful work! What would the maps be for this asset?

whats the size?

Thats a great size, do you plan to do more top down?

Whats the size?

Wont run in my mac. The short vids look great tho

Beatiful work. What is the size of the sprites? the character I mean not the canvas. 

Hey Sven do you plan to do more top down? This is awesome but would be nice to know if you plan to do more

How does this work with Gamemaker studio 2?

Seliel do you plan to do any course or online classes? I will buy your assets and would love to learn to make more of them :)

Absolutely in love with your work. I am learning pixel art and game dev and this is incredible. Would you be able to provide a color palette that we could use to expand the assets? I am a beginner pixel artist and im terrible with color theory at the moment. 

Can I have your email?

Thanks for your quick and long response Cyan. I will for sure take my time to rate the assets I bought, which I am extremely happy with! My question had an element of wishful thinking since I already imagined the complexity of such work. I do hope to see more 2D Action RPG assets from you in the future. I would also like to suggest you do a Pixel Art Course, which I would gladly pay for. I bought the 2 best rated in Udemy and they are very good but im 100% confident you can do better. I will keep an eye on your work ;)

Great fan of your work Cyan I bought the RPG char template and im gonna be buying the rest in time. About this one I have a question Id appreciate your 2 cents on. How much would you estimate would it cost to animate these monsters? How much would you ask for?  Normal boss animations, games like Crosscode, Hyper Light Drifter etc...