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Is there a mechanic where you're never offered the fourth gun upgrade if you have the $450 to pay for it?  After playing through a couple runs never letting the bank account fall below $450 it certainly feels like it.

Is there a way to proceed with Act 3 The Climb Level 1?  It just seems to be an charger and an empty void to the right.  Other than that excellent if sometimes frustrating game.

The animation of the player character jumping and running is so expressive and smooth!  With a higher resolution sprite it would be impressive, with the resolution you're using it's magical.

Great game!  How does one feed the cat as per the hidden journal?

Nice little brain teaser, especially when trying to get below par. 
Managed 216 / 233, not sure if it's possible to get lower.

Only complaint is that it's a bit clunky to move between holes after you've cleared the course and are trying to optimize individual holes.

On level 15 the green block I'm standing on with the blue is miss-colored.