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Problem Machine

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Fascinating prototype, though I don't know if I really get the hang of it. Would be quite interesting to see where this could go with a bit more time.

Really neat obstacle course game along the lines of Super Hexagon. The chill music helps keep it from becoming too frustrating, but the difficulty really picks up around the end of level 2. I couldn't figure out how to get past the third wave on level 4 though -- it seems like there's obstacles in both places at once.

Lovely game and very calming

Cool use of theme, kind of reminds me of Pac-Man

Great style and humor

Once I understood how it worked it was really fun planning my route to collect all the pieces. I do wish there'd been some way to restart the level once I knew I'd made a mistake, and having some sort of par to try to get under would have also been really satisfying

The projectiles being enemies who get back up and become enemies again soon after adds an interesting little design twist -- not only do I want to conserve ammo, I also don't want to shoot unnecessarily because that will make the area more dangerous in the future if I have to go back through. Really interesting design!

Really neat contrast between the cute normal world and the DANGER LAYER. The two versions of the soundtrack really ratchet up the tension. Reminded me a bit of the game Eversion, as well as of course Silent Hill.