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Well now you’re just teasing me with Roo’s “leg kicking abilities”, maybe I should just bite you and see what he would do to me…hmmm it is tempting…

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Hmmm I do believe I know what strong and powerful black/brown leg you’re talking about. But just to be safe…you should probably describe it to me ;)

Also!! “…I know which one I want him to use…” you mean to use on me?!

Oh no!! I sure hope daddy Roo doesn’t kick me!! That would be such a shame and in no way would be what I secretly want…better not anger him so much that sweat drips from his body, no definitely not!! 😂

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Wow the discrimination!! Just because I have a red back and I can potentially kill someone especially small children, doesn’t mean I’m gonna…wait no I might. But then who’s going to continue developing this incredible vn!! Therefore, I, Mr. Venomous, swear on each of my eight little legs, that I will not bite thee, and grant you immunity. Though I can’t vouch for the others so… you might be eaten alive. But I won’t!!

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Well hopefully it calms down for you soon, but I mean straya’s only a 3-4 hours flight away, and we’ll welcome a kiwi anytime haha!!

Shit Xevvy are you ok!?!? I heard of the recent floods in New Zealand hope you're ok!! Sending love and support from Sydney!! :)

 Can’t wait for the new public version of Axel’s route!! Hopefully only a couple of days away!!

I get that you didn't enjoy the update because it wasn't action packed but I think that's how most stories/movies/shows/books start. They gotta build the foundations to get you immersed into it and then when they add in drama or action you understand why that character would react in that way. I think it's also because in literature you structure your stories normally containing exposition, conflict, rising action, climax, falling action and finally a resolution (sometimes). Whether or not this update was good comes down to your own individual opinion and this is not intended to attack your opinion. However it should be noted that this story is still a work in progress and I'm sure you do love Sileo: Tales of a New Dawn since you said "Please, please, the next version..." which to me is indicating that you're staying tuned for more because you're interested in the stories potential.

Ok I know I'm a bit late to this, but could somebody please tell me how to unlock Klaus' Route?? Thanks in advance!! :)