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Christmas Rusher community · Created a new topic cool game

pretty cool

my highscore is 1318

krab is goot

i am a vietnamese and i love the artstyle, thank you for whoever is making this because it is very cool

are there any ways to increase the amount of color in a palette, would be very cool if you can do that

can't play this on ios ): 

why would you ever use the sleeping pills

god dam epik


yeah it would be very nice if you make them (:

there's thing to improve this tileset: you can make the tiles autotiles you can search google for the reference and basically it provides a more variants of the tiles

remember you need to have the right graphics driver opengl im not sure

you're using one of my favorite color palette

what's that on the player's head

wait, the thing here is just the demo? ):

this game is really cute and cool i love it 10/10

yeah, hogs and boars

(1 edit)

yo can i ask are these guys hogs or dogs 

epic asset mate!

dang you did so good

so cool

(1 edit)

can i ask one thing, can you explain to me what does this part suppose to do?

i felt a lot of effort was put into this thing

dude you have big talent this is so cool

yeah, so can i use this in my game?



i think you should make it have more corner blockslike this, btw this is just making it so that it fits the ruletile of unity


man i love your tileset and also, i know what you could improve this asset. You could modify it so it has more tools, items, and have corners

this is 10/10

single player

i felt like a lot of effort was put into this simulation, very very very well done. I love it!

dani reference

right click on the gun

No, it does not work like that, I just opened the TerraCraftServer.exe and then create some worlds and then open back up the TerraCraft.exe and it just load for a fraction of second and then just close

uhh, i just created a  new world in the terracraft server and then run the terracraft.exe but it didn't do anything

i can't start the game

Holy moly, this is a great game and I felt a lot of efforts are put into this game