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A member registered Jun 15, 2022

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amazing game 

hard but i like it


amazing game yet again by team bugulon. last game was so annoying but the satisfaction is surreal.. 10/10

I've completed the entire game, all 3 worlds, all 12 levels, all three bosses AND all the secrets. I can safely say that this is the best game I've played on itch so far! The concept and art is beyond cute and the difficulty is progressively hard. The best thing about this game is the fact that THERE ARE NO BUGS! This game is really well polished and as a former game developer, making a bug free game is rly difficult... I'm truly impressed by your work! Other than that, I do have some suggestions. The last world- Ecto-Bayou is kind of difficult, especially the end boss, which is understandable since its the last world after all, but you should add a way to change difficulty (easy, hard). that'd be amazing! also during boss fights, the stuff that drop to kill the bosses, sometime go out of the frame, and its really annoying, so maybe you could make it bounce back into the main frame. That's all! TRULY A MAGNIFICANT GAME! LOVED IT! 

-Prithvi233, 15-06-2022