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prismo 18

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jesus, do the people on this site play any other kind of game that isn't a fnaf copy or some other type of indie horror, like hell they even got the freaking farm games for pit sake users when they play other things that aren't horror games with cryptic lore
Shocked Black Guy | Know Your Meme

so today i decided to finally play the game and as soon as i opened it i found out that the game at least as it currently stands is not only literally unplayable (because it won't start) but also can pose a risk to people prone to seizures because if you try exiting the game it will start flashing your screen which can be life threatening to photosensitive people, luckily i was able to close it after struggling with the blinking screen(which was just really annoying and hurt my eyes a little so nothing even remotely serious) and the game acting pretty much like it was a virus

ironically this game is really glitchy in the downloaded version, but not at all in the browser one

this game hasn't been update pretty much since it released and i was wondering if the development is still going

the recover password website doesn't work

so i found out that justice isn't actually human, she is an elf and elf are immortal

"though she's human, right?"

nope she is an elf and according to pink tea elf are immortal, so using the character's age is completely out of the question 

more than half of the characters are either asking if you have a boyfriend or are talking about how good you look and one of them just likes your dress

there are 11 male characters in this game, and only 3 of them are actually ofensive, the rest is just you getting butthurt

i don't think it's the same mc, because if remember correctly the mc in ec games was not human

i can guarantee you that i haven't had this much fun in eons

i had more fun playing this than play any pokemon game ever created

i'm going to be completly honest with you, i only clicked on this game but i really liked the plush

indeed the dev is an absolute powerhouse they just keep pumping updates at ftl speeds, but seriously this problem needs to be addresed

it has been a year, and it is sad to say that no, they didn't

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wtf is a leadership class, that sounds like a place choke full of pretentious people

you have achievied peak whiteness

hat bandana graham cracker jackhammer in a nail file


i see we have completely different music tastes, in fact two of the songs i really like have the same name as songs made by hatsune miku despite both being completly different

imagine if everytime you had a point the point was like, a physical object something you can physically grasp and hold in your hand

it's a witch from an indie game called touhou

this character looks like an alternative version of marisa kisame

i'm gonna say it, hello charlotte was omori before omori even dreamed about existing

i wish one day i can blast american idiot in the capitol

kinda like that but there was grey and the stripes colors were in a diferent order, like white black white gray

honestly, my flag idea was better

wait, what

did anyone made a flag that is like the pride flag but it's black white and gray instead of a ranbow

looks like a badger

if you're so confident then why don't YOU go animate something better

is that a cat or a badger

not so sure about this one kid, i've seen slideshows with more frames

sorry if it sounded like that

in stories in general why the hell did you think i was talking irl, tf

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i am the only one who is tired of the shy introvert guy/girl who has problems talking to people because... social anxiety or whatever arbitrary reason(seriously there's an entire fuckin anime based around this concept come'on), some people find it it cute, and it can be if done right and in very expecific contexts but in general 80% of the time it's just generic and kinda indicates lack of creativity expecially if done in a romance context, end of ted talk