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prismo 18

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i'm not asking i'm demanding, but seriously now, i think we could post on deviantart, and also i thought of putting here cause my art style is really simple cause it's supposed and putting here would put me in less pressure at least in my mind

we should post our art here

now that's where the fun begins

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh now i get it

i've been seen this word through all hentai games i came across and am too afraid to google what is cause of the way people talk about it, but seriously THE HELL IS NTR

big sad you didn't win the jam

if this game get some tweaks and some polish it could be a great game that i definetly would buy on steam other things you could do is make some retexturing on the shop cause currently it has a very ugly but funcional ui 7/10 

TerraCraft community · Created a new topic how do make mods

i want a tutorial on how to makes mods, but don't wanna go to the discord it can be detailed and complex as you want,

slightly smaller sad

big sad

first this meme is not mine secondly have you been living under a rock, cause i've seen plenty of people like this mostly on twitter

ironic that i don't see any man complain about any jojo character but a girl with big breasts is suddenly unacceptable i wonder why?

how would capslock hurt someones feeling are this generation people so fragile emotionally that letters on a screen would hurt them

well no i searched it and it was correct ''transatlantic is correct''

you know something i do wonder is why this is classified as a game and not a tool like pixelorama

some people ask if i'm trans

and i say yes i'm trans


we need to go deeper

how do i pass the upgrade unit mission cause i recovered the upgrade unit, did not use the glitch to have multiple upgrade units and brought the upgrade unit to the shipyard and installed the warp drive

good for you and for me have a good day

no this is something you should tell a doctor and see help cause you have low self esteem and should stop hating on you body

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i was not saying gay are shit i was just mocking someone can't you understand

yeah but this game was great niche until boom suddenly it became this and most of comment aren't even talking about the game they just using this a chat because people fell like it

when did this place became deviantart

good thing furries haven't invaded this yet cause if there's a group that spreads like fire in this site are furies and lgbt+

7/10 too much water

i haven't played so much but i started the game and one thing i didn't liked was the fact that the random world was locked but outside that i didn't hate anything else

when did this game evolve so much it's kinda scary

could you please fix the controls and translate the game

i don't know what kind of crazy keyboards you french have but zqsd just doesn't work unless in french people have really weird arms or fingers but without that it just doesn't work could please please fix it

yeah but i don't think he will cause he already playing minecraft and this game doesn't have that much content

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oooh now i get it but still i'm pretty sure this people are a minority or at least exclusive to reddit cause from the few things a saw in the steam community people or completely ignore clint or just don't care about him

this whole game makes no sense 

the whole argument is made on things that were never said or never i heard of like when did people said clint is an incel (wich he is very clearly not) i just don't get the argument

this place basically became deviantart mixed with twitter

when did this game grow so much all of sudden, like the game hasn't even changed and didn't even any youtubers make videos about it

much more fun than the original game

very addicting game and all but only problem is that it lags to much seriously i can play videos on 4k and play minecraft with shaders but i can't play this game

i know mobs just keep spawn literally everywhere

i have been playing this game for a while now but there are things that in my opnion that can and would improve this game drastically i definitely want them in the next updates

-pause button should pause
the pause button currently doesn't pause even in singleplayer

they would make for more pratical version of platforms in this cave generation

this one is a wide topic so i will be split in parts
should not consumer durability and should be broken in one hit
with any pickaxe or swords but more of that later
2°durability should be counted per block destroyed this applies to (axes,pickaxes,drills,etc...)

-swords should be able to destroy mushrooms,flowers,bushes,boulders,etc...
this would allow for easy gathering of such materials

-arrows should have a stone option
with that i mean that you should be able to craft a normal arrow with stone in the same way you craft with flint or iron
that would make sense and would help in the creation of arrow

after more than a hour i finally managed to win