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Hey! No worries, it's an issue with a DirectX driver--the link to download the fix is at the top of the included Readme file.

That was a bug in an earlier version, to my knowledge it's been fixed in the latest update. Normally you just hit Z by default.

Thanks for the reports! They should all be fixed in the latest version. Glad you enjoyed it! :)

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Sure, done. And thank you!

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Oh, the jumpscare was in an older version of the game and has been removed. If you download the latest version of the game (v1.0.1b), you'll be just fine.

Yo nice job, I was wondering if somebody would find it.

Finally figured out the root of the problem, it depended on how long you took to get to the gate. If it was under a certain threshold, it wouldn't activate at all because I had one line of code in the wrong spot. Oops. Should be fine now though.

Hey everybody, I've released an update based on player feedback that should fix some of the common problems (like the goal not triggering sometimes) among other things. I also removed or altered the original ARG elements so that the game is less of an inside joke and more accessible.

The changelog can be viewed here.

Thanks for your support!

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Yeah, I'm going to release an update soon with some bugfixes and I will definitely take that out, I'll probably alter the endings a bit too. Also, you wouldn't happen to know if someone streamed this recently, would you? I'm getting a massive influx of traffic and my analytic tools are just pointing me to twitch.

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Sorry about that. That was something I wanted to throw in back for the ARG as a novelty to mess with the people who were analyzing for clues. Glad you enjoyed it though.

Actually, nobody has dug up the treasure yet! Feel free to spread the word around if you'd like, maybe you can find somebody who lives near the area who could pull it off. While technically the ARG is over, if somebody manages to dig it up the ending will be directly affected and something new just may pop up. Just because a conclusion was reached doesn't mean things are completely taken care of, after all.

Huh, that's weird. Try maybe using a different browser? Is there a wrong link you might have clicked? Not sure what could be causing this :/