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Oh I am so in love with this game!! And Gawain!!! I just--- UUUUGGGGHHHH I LOVE IT!!!!!

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I found 3 endings but I don't have the energy to try and find more T-T

Either way, it was so amazing! So fun, and so many twists!

Edit: Found a handful of more endings, would you ever consider making a guide?

It says it's on hold apparently, so all we can do is wait :)

Yep okay I'm in love with this game and Ezra

I literally want to pat his head and squish his cheeks

This was so incredibly fun and well made! Went in expecting to go for Harry but I love Val so much

THIS WAS SO FUN!! The end was making me so nervous that I didn't even fully read it lol

I love this so much!! It was so fun!! I especially love Aeran,,,,

Gonna check this out once I finish the one I'm playing now! The characters all look so cute!!!

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Just finished the latest chapter and my cats have had to put up with my screeching!

I have so many theories Im losing my mind!!!

Demo was so fun!! But I couldn't seem to have sound for it

I have fallen head over heels for Aleth!!

I see so much of myself in them, so that could be why (including hair colour lol) and its all around incredible!! Definitely a new comfort game!