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Finally. Davoo the Video Game.

Extremely proud of Davoo for creating this game! It was such a cute and quirky experience. I suck at giving feedback but here are notes of my playthrough. If you have not beat the game yet, don't spoil yourself pls:

-It took me an embarrassing amount of time to find the first key, but after that initial struggle I blazed through the house. Made it to 8 atominoes until I had to turn to the Cluemouse for answers; curse those pesky pies!
-I had too much fun with the dressing section. I dressed a mannequin entirely in shades of blue and typed through so many colors until discovering 'mustard' wasn't on the list. That was as gratifying as all the puzzles.
-Got the debit card on my first try. I'm just that good I guess.

Overall I was constantly smiling and had more fun pressing a Z button than I ever have before. Excited for eventual future projects!!