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 Genshin Impact is also available on ps4,NS,IOS and Windows. So it isn't just a mobile game

Beautiful art btw

how do i get the Walkthrough?  I bought  Lingering on steam

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I enjoyed this game, however, I really disliked the abrupt open ended endings. I would have liked to see some epilogues for every route as well.  There is also some  anatomy issues with the art.  Music was beautiful.

other than that I loved it.

Do you mean next year? Because it's April now XD

interesting! I wasn't sure so thought I'd ask!

Adnan is my fave char btw love him!

Oh so you decided to update the pack with the vampire design I gave you neat!

I have a question what country is the game set in ? Like there seems to be some Arabic names but there are many countries that are Arabic

If people buy it on here will a steam key be included?

LOL! This made me laugh. 2010 has been and gone XDDD

Wooooo! Looking forward to this! ;D

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Stupid question but how  do I feed my pet after adopting it?

Or is it not necessary? 

Ah! Thanks ;D

I'm loving this game thus far,  but I'm wondering if there's an afection level bar somewhere, and if there is a way to get birthday gifts and where?  I have no idea how much affection I have with Tocchan 

Thanks !

Alright, thanks

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I reloaded several times to try again, but it still happens.  I play it through the game manager

Got this error when Mc fell on top of Neil

Ok thanks for  telling me 

 Childhood friend killed herself and now the game is corrupt?  Is it supposed to do that, or  did something go wrong?

I'd like to buy this, but it keeps coming up with this error: Failed to create PayPal transaction, please try again later.