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Will this be released on Steam?

Dominic  good ending   

There is no option that says Sorry, I'll be more careful 

it's actually  What are you saying?!

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  I remember when  you released Changeling, Congrats on your second game release! i'm going to go buy on steam now!

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I'm confused why have a download option when you can't actually download it? Just put the link to the website  in the description.

putting the download button is misleading

ASDGFSETCUJH!!! -mind blown-

Woah almost finished already? Where did the time go? I just seems like  last year that I finished helping you test Changeling.

I'm definitely going to check this one out when its done~

Huh I would have thought you could at least report him. Even if there's no evidence. Then at least there is a report in the system so that if he keeps doing it you'll get a trail of reports to back you up if something seriously goes wrong.  Guess you can do that  in your country.

I wouldn't wait. That guy is definitely going to make things worse. 

not for android no.

okay.  I think the reason why a lot of developers don't include downloads for Android phones is that the size of the game needs to be small enough to run.  As far as I know, unless you're got a really good job and can afford a phone that can run vn games with a bigger file size people aren't going to have a phone that can run a vn with a bigger size.

On top of that, it requires more resources/programming/time/money etc.   It's not as simple as just resizing the resources, because going from the size for a PC or laptop to the size for a phone screen, can affect the quality of them unless you know how to do it without it affecting the quality.

So art resources would have to be redone in a smaller size.

Don't quote me 100%  but as far as I know, it would be basically making two games instead of one even though it's the same game.

So a lot of developers don't do phone versions of their vn games because it would be double the cost and what they have planned for their game might not work or be too large for most Android phones.

However, you have given me something to think about for my own projects to consider.

Are you talking about Android phone or android computer/Laptop/notebook?

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I love the game thus far!  (Just started playing)

However, something to keep in mind in future, the name font while it is  nice , it is a bit too unreadable. 

You might want to stick with something that is easier to read in future.

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Loved this very cute short story. I'm also doing my own vampire vn too. There is also a vampire Jam if you want to enter it in that too

Alright, thank you.  Just want to check, just in case.

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Hi, I have my own vampire  Lore   and such that I would love to  try turn into a game, however I have  a question

Does it have to be horror themed to be able to apply to this jam?  Reason I ask is because some people  don't like it when vampires are put into the romance/ sexual  themes. I don't want to  apply for this  jam and  get started only to find out later I can't apply because   is isn't the right genre or whatever.

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... If I knew it was going to be released on steam, I would have waited to buy.

Then again when I brought this game I thought it was fully released,since usually when there's a  price on a game on here, it fully released.

I was highly disappointed when this game was finished.  Can't say why here though,  because spoilers .  Love the game regardless of the disappointing end.

 I look forward to seeing the more polished update when I get around to playing again.

okay, Thank you. This worked

I just bought CS today on steam and I noticed that I can't click or use the space bar to progress the dialogue. I can only progress by turning on auto mode which is frustrating.

Also, when does the patch come out that offers an option to turn off the grainy effects?

I wouldn't mind it if it didn't hurt my eyes and make it almost impossible to see what i'm looking at.

 Genshin Impact is also available on ps4,NS,IOS and Windows. So it isn't just a mobile game

Beautiful art btw

how do i get the Walkthrough?  I bought  Lingering on steam

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I enjoyed this game, however, I really disliked the abrupt open ended endings. I would have liked to see some epilogues for every route as well.  There is also some  anatomy issues with the art.  Music was beautiful.

other than that I loved it.

Do you mean next year? Because it's April now XD

interesting! I wasn't sure so thought I'd ask!

Adnan is my fave char btw love him!

Oh so you decided to update the pack with the vampire design I gave you neat!

I have a question what country is the game set in ? Like there seems to be some Arabic names but there are many countries that are Arabic

If people buy it on here will a steam key be included?

LOL! This made me laugh. 2010 has been and gone XDDD

Wooooo! Looking forward to this! ;D

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Stupid question but how  do I feed my pet after adopting it?

Or is it not necessary? 

Ah! Thanks ;D

I'm loving this game thus far,  but I'm wondering if there's an afection level bar somewhere, and if there is a way to get birthday gifts and where?  I have no idea how much affection I have with Tocchan 

Thanks !

Alright, thanks

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I reloaded several times to try again, but it still happens.  I play it through the game manager

Got this error when Mc fell on top of Neil

Ok thanks for  telling me 

 Childhood friend killed herself and now the game is corrupt?  Is it supposed to do that, or  did something go wrong?

I'd like to buy this, but it keeps coming up with this error: Failed to create PayPal transaction, please try again later.