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Awww, the gifs shared are very amazing, thank you for sharing them with us.
WitchWay 1 was absolutely fun to play, so I really wanted to thank you for that experience! the puzzles were challenging in a good way, never really frustratingly hard, and 100% completion is very achievable making it very satisfying.
Hope you the best, Andy, and whatever project you gonna work on next, I'm sure it's gonna be amazing too, best of luck!

Applewood community · Created a new topic Amazing game!

That has got to be one of the best games I've played in a while, honestly, I loved every bit of it, the high attention to the details,  the great story,  the very rich conversation of every character, the increase in difficulty with adding new mechanics gradually in a smart way, even though the controls don't change at all, still never felt boring.
Of course there are small nitpicks like how hard it is to latch on the vines, and the slides was too fast, also some places the electricity zappers are soooo hard to get past without getting hit, but you have too many hearts anyway, so nothing to complain about. 
I am just fascinated honestly, specially with the last 1 hour of game play, reminded me of Prince of Persia 3, which was fantastic experience; thank for this this experience,  it's certainly one of the best in the genre in my book.

That's good! just some minor bugs with levels not resetting properly, or re-spawning back with the key instead of losing it, and reading the comments, it looks like that's not all of it, so hope you get back to it someday ^ ^

We can't join at all in same server, pressing "Host" on one end then "Join" on the other makes it completely crash on the joining part, please fix this.