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frick off mario 

ha ur self

no u cant dork u cannot log in to @bradgames

Hey badjohn533, I heard you were making a game that "probably will be so big it won't be realeased on"

Where is it?

I really can't wait for Polly the Frog 3 cause it might be the first detailed game he has ever made. There may be some secrets, or he may make the game fully 3D. Anyway, this is cool!

And add checkpoints cause when u die u spawn back at the start.

ah k.

K dude and for feedback, maybe u can add more levels and if u can skins pls.

how do you talk

Does this game work on Chromebook?

dude ur FACE is nonsense

This is a really great game although for ur next update, can you put the outside world and humans too?

I really like how when u play dis u feel like a cat.

This game is absolutely great, but I wish there was a machine than a calendar.

Great game!