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I really hope your games catch on! Cute and Horrifying but also with some terrible secret lore! I will also say, theres a bit of a bug where you can only use the navigation buttons if the dialogue is finished.

Such coolness from this one!

Alright, but Lumen Rider full game when?

That's the Lumen Core at work, not Lumen Ryder

I think it's super cool looking! Great Idea!

Do you need help writing all of that into book format? 

XD well that explains a few things not gonna lie. The Pokemon TCG is definitely not the best inspiration for a fluid and balanced card no offense! The biggest reason to buy the cards is for their art and collectors value. Magic the Gathering, Yugioh, Pokemon these card games are popular but not as good as the games that hide in their shadow such as, Digimon TCG (definitely take a look at this one), Wixoss, Weiss Schwarz, Transformers TCG, etc. The voices, cute art, I think theres a lot of things going for your game! Don't lose hope! Just focus on core gameplay at the moment and don't be afraid to enact change!

I really love this honestly! Perhaps have you considered an energy meter like Buddyfight? or maybe a seperate energy deck like how Force of Will does it? Flesh and Blood is another good tcg to get inspiration from!

Sorry that you have to go through all that

What happened to the teaser saying Lumen Ryder would come out the 14th of September?

THIS MONTH!!?? ヽ(°〇°)ノ

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Im sure everyone would want the core rules of Ryder Core first, no rush for the supplements

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 this is a really well put together game that I quite enjoy.

I've always taken the Dragons side in the classic brave knight vs monsterous dragon. So this seems just perfect for me!

Im really glad! I was worried every month that went by with no news. I hope its satisfying seeing your idea expand like it has!

Itch supports buying by card, its how I buy everything

The art is so beautiful! Let alone the game

I don't expect this project to be complete soon (it may very well take into next year perhaps, figuring layout is quite a process) however my anticipation is killing me! I can't help but ask how long till the final version? 

This is very unique and reminds me of the interpretive strangeness of dreamland!

I find this really cool! All the details and black and white art really inspire me!

Sorry, I do have a bit of critique though, I feel the oracle push shouldn't be there. "Did I find something cool?" and if the oracle says "Likely" then theres no reason to push to move to unlikely, but if it says "unlikely" then I don't have the ability to push it. It is quite odd to me, I feel like the oracle should just be an oracle. 

I really hope this reaches its goal! It seems so cool!

thank you!

Is there anyway to purchase the deck already made? I sadly missed out on the kick starter by a year

I can buy it for you if youd like