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Thanks.  I just "completed" the demo but couldn't get to the little girl NPC, as it was too hard?  A few of my friends in Japan have played the demo too now (on a GBA cart and 3DS).

I just heard about this at "Slope's Kickstarter News" YouTube video.  It's a great little demo, and I've somewhat enjoyed playing it on an emulator on my Nvidia Shield TV.

Here are some of my thoughts:

- I can't get past the "no jumping" section.  Without any built-in hints, I feel that these sections are a large barrier to entry for noobs like myself.  They should be included in later sections (especially bonus/secret levels) rather than right at the start/the main game.

- It needs a save-game system.  I don't want to have to play this demo from the beginning if I have to stop playing.

- Please consider releasing this, with a built-in emulator, so you can sell it as an .apk file at Google Play.  I think more homebrew games for old systems could find more potential sales that way.

Thanks for the free demo though.  I've told my friends in Japan about it and some of them will download and play it soon.