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That will take a while. I plan to release all interviews to the Beta before I make a full release.

That’s odd. Which route did you have at the end of the wrestling chapter? Did you meet the headmaster with Julian or Ron?

Look in your library. It should be there. Also if you have ever been a Patreon before, you should still be able to download it from there. If not, contact me.

I checked, but it should work. Could you do me a favor and try to start the wrestling match again, and see if the option is then available after you have visited the headmaster? Ich messed around with the progression system last update a lot. Maybe it mixed something up there in your savegame?

You need to have good marks to enter it.

No, you should have the option to enter the SPA then. I‘ll check it.

You are being tied up either way. If you win you can choose not to wear the chastity cage though.

There are already some options to come at least close with Ron, and I intend to develop this further. And I would like to add something with Vincent at some point, so I hope to add a bit more romantic soon. 

Since the headmaster controls the grades, it is pretty tight with his opinion of you. You can increase them with Ned for a bit, and I plan to have other means to increase them in the future, but for now, it depends pretty much on the headmaster's favor.

Indeed, still much to do. Thank you for the feedback! I‘d love to hear what you have in mind in more detail. Send me a message on discord if you want to, or post it on the discord server if you want to. Or just post a reply here.

Either way, I totally agree and there are lots of more kinks to explore, and characters to develop…

You can play around with the sliders or just re-generate if it does not fit the mood. But yes, I am pretty happy with it. And you can even have the same voice for different languages.

Sure. I use

I did a whole rework in the current version, allowing you to engage with the headmaster in a new, more consensual way. Is this what you had in mind?

This question is interestingly specific. Do you have something in mind? 

You need to allow 3rd party install. Maybe this helps.

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You got a link in your welcome message with which you can download the adult version. 

If this doesn’t work try a look at this post.


Oh, and please male sure you have the latest version (currently 0.6.6)!

You should get to the new content after the wrestling match. You might have to play the wrestling match again. Also I had to make significant changes to the progression system. If you still don’t get to the content, please tell me. Worst case you‘ll have to start a new game.

The message is from website?

I know. I can't make such a walkthrough until the game is at least feature-complete because I tend to change stuff. But I want to come up with something to let players at least know about alternative options. I'm not sure how to do it yet, though.

You need to have a negative relationship level with Ron for that.

I'll try to keep it in mind. :-)

Hi wardawka, thank you for bringing it up. You should not see any expicit scenes, at least not without a black cencor strip on genitals or such. I'll check it. Thank you!

Thank you! I hope to get an update ready around January/ February 2024.

That should not have happened. Is it an older savegame you loaded? I had to rework the progression system in 0.6.x When you send me your savegame file I could try to check what happened.

Well, you can have sex with him and milk him. I am not sure if „romance“ is the right term to describe it though. 😉

No, far from it. The game is still in early development. 

You can purchase it directly on There are "r18" files (e.g., which you can download when you pay $6.99 USD or more. 

Or you can become a Tier 2 (Middle Class) Patreon at

Yes, the video files have not been translated yet. The good news is that I just finished all other Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and Russian content. I will also have to create translated video files for each language since the subtitles are part of the video itself. So, there will be some translation for these files as well. I hope I will be able to ship them with the next update.

Sim, os arquivos de vídeo ainda não foram traduzidos. A boa notícia é que acabei de terminar todos os outros conteúdos em espanhol, português, holandês e russo. Também terei que criar arquivos de vídeo traduzidos para cada idioma, já que as legendas fazem parte do próprio vídeo. Portanto, haverá alguma tradução para esses arquivos também. Espero poder enviá-los na próxima atualização.

Oh wow, this is excellent feedback! Thank you so much!
With so many alternative choices, it is hard sometimes to make it all consistent. I'll look into it and see to get it fixed.

I had to add in a meeting with the headmaster first for the story progression. Don't worry, and the beach chapter will come next. 
Many of you are excited about the Speedos. I know that. I'll try to get it out soon.

You marks need to be 5 or higher for the headmaster to trust you with that.

It's just published.

It’s in early access now and public release scheduled for the 15th of December.

I really hoped to release it yesterday. There appeared some bugs I need to take care if first. I’ll try to release the beta today if everything goes smoothly…

Yes, based on your relationship with him.

No, I will not change it in the next update. Sorry, but I am more than busy to get it out of the door right now. If I have time, I might add it as an option, but do not count on it for the next update.

Depends on your relationship with him. But yes, there will be more with Ron...

I‘ll make sure he won’t keep his socks on next time!