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much better, maybe rather than having the number to go down just show infinity symbol 

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I like your game, feels like Adventure Capitalist, but 1 suggestion is that the slider can be improve, as when i press the speed to a certain point, the slider will start to move really fast, maybe when it reaches a certain time, just have it play a simple animation, the player will not really care when it hit 0%, since money is increasing every second from then on. rest of the game is understandable and simple to play. also if possible, add more effects to the game, like give the buttons more color when highlighted. 

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i cant seem to join discord server

this game is too hard lol

ur turret need to be worked on

cant beat lvl 4


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Update 1.4 (30 March 2019)

-Added Music for Main Menu, Credit Scene and also In-Game

-Added in Game Over Music for Game Over Scene

-Added in Player Hurt Sound when Player hit Spikes

-Added in Player Jump Sound when player jumps

-Tweak Level Exit to stop paying In-Game Music and start playing Game Over Music

Update 1.3 (29 March 2019)

-Added in Player Death Effect when Player touches spike

-Tweak Restart and Next level Buttons, Restart Buttons now delete the total amount of coin the Player has collected in the level, Next level Buttons are fixed so that the Player will not access level 3 from level 1

Update 1.2 (26 March 2019)

-Added in Camera Shake when Player touches spike