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I would suggest setting up a discord server for coordination of gameplay. It's what discord is for really and it's free and powerful.

regarding progression:

Perhaps something like cs where you get kind of a fixed amount every round but if you performed well you get slightly more and the points you spend are lost. I just remember the early gameplay when all you had was weenie ships the best.


The flare was powerful but avoidable. We mostly used it to block pursuit and to lock off spawning points which was useful against spawn campers.

Lastly I miss the teddy bear and that satisfying ship hit clank.

Roketz Reduz community · Created a new topic Thank you!

I've been a fan of the original roketz for a very long time and I'm thrilled about this new development.

I have a few questions:

Will there be bindable keys? While I'll probably have to learn to fly with a controller or similar I really think this game should be played with just a keyboard as we always played it on the PC back in the days and the default keyboard buttons are horrible.

Will there be a progression and cash system like the original? The original was of course somewhat broken because if one player got ahead he would continue to do so but perhaps there could be some type of "catch-up" mechanic? Or one round only bonuses or similar.

Will the different ships get different stats?

The "enemy-ship-hit" sound needs to be far more distinct. I used to play very long range with bouncy guns and hearing the hits is an excellent way to determine the location of enemies off screen.

Also I want my spinny grenades of death and the flare is far far too weak. The flare used to be an excellent area denial weapon but now it's just an easily avoidable fountain of small bullets. It needs a lot longer duration and a lot more bounce.

The controls and the game seem a bit stuttery which is sad as this game depends heavily on tight controls. Hopefully it's just because of early access and stuff.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm absolutely ecstatic that someone is trying to remake this and I hope I can bring more paying customers your way.