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The city of Hakon is situated in the south of the Granado kingdom, which began to grow in past centuries due to its access to the eastern sea and became the fishing and fish capital. The city of Hakon has the largest port in the kingdom of Granado and one of the largest in the world at the time, the port of vera. The city of Hakon is one of the three largest in the kingdom of Granado and is divided into 5 parts. 1: The mountainous part that is to the northeast, which is the part where the residences and the castle of Hakon are located, which is the largest construction in Hakon. 2: The part of the coast/beach that is located to the west where there is more tourism. 3: The so-called "central Hakon" is the smallest part of Hakon, it's where Hakon started, it's right in the center of everything, it's where it has the most historic part like museums, statues, etc, and it's the part that borders with all the others. 4: The industrial part of Hakon where most of the economy comes from, but it is also the poorest part. It is located in the south of the city. 5: The part where the entrance to Hakon City is. It is located to the north.