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Great work! Did you create all the assets? I love the style.

Thank you! So there is a debug mode where you can see the collisions which can be accessed anytime by holding shift and pressing F12. It's not much to look at and you might not move as expected but it's something if you want to see what the levels look like.

I love this so much! The only real critique I can give is the dance part goes on for a little too long in my opinion. Other than that though, there was so much put into the game! I love how everything felt "off" but in a really fun way. For example, computers needing water and seashells to work properly. Top moment was easily the "Pokemon" battle purely for the solution.

Also, I thought this was a submission into a game jam for people who can't draw. But seriously, I love the art style.

Hey! Nice work! One suggestion I have is to maybe give an idea of the red cube (the jumper's) trajectory. Alternatively, some sort of grid for the background might serve this purpose equally as well. Just some thoughts. Keep up the good work!

Hey. Nice work! However, I can't seem to move up or left. I am using a keyboard with the WADS keys. 

Nice job! If I may offer you some advice/constructive criticism, when you connect the two people, it takes a few moments too long before showing the win state. Also, sound! I have found to be an amazing tool for game jams. Best wishes!

While I personally found the movement a bit on the difficult side at first it overall is a very nice game. It is a nice touch how it appears you have to go back down after reaching the top. Overall, a job well done!

This is such a cute game! I love the idea of being able to toggle the game speed and the platformer was actually really fun.