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Your probably right, in hind sight that would have been a good idea, I’ll probably end up doing that for my next game. This one was released right before the dead line AND I had to learn how to upload it(first game). But thank you😁

the whole whale and ground thing gave me flashbacks to hitch hikers guide to the galaxy.

i think a bunch of just little funny things to mess around with, its not as fun when all you can do is read emails and look at the "homepage of the internet'". again, not saying this is a bad game, just kinda boring. idk

not at all, just boring. but thats kinda the point....

i Loved the game, it was quite short but the concept was awsome, there where some quality of life problems but other than that, tons of fun. i made my factory super clean, the two big islands are only used for storage and transfer. no automation on them at all. have a great day.

Dear Dev, this is a WONDERFUL, AWSOME, CREATIVE game. me and my brothe will spend so much time facing off at eachother. i cant wait at all for the full game. Thx.

-sincerley someone.

windows please

you still updating this game?

as soon as i started to play i wated to escape, you should turn this concept into some kind of escape game, idk, dont totch the plants.

three things, love the game, when ever you load a ship there a horizontal lines in the ship that dont load, and the message "ass you pass along the edge of the nebulae...." it breaks because yopu cant click either of the options

Really cool concept, but you cant play past the build part, after words you go into the star map and get stuck on a message. hope it gets fixed

can you ever even get the finnal item

love the concept, but i tink you should have more player interaction, like maybe a upgrade system, or maybe you can unlock new and better AI, or just make the ones ou have better. Wish you luck