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I've always wanted to make a fighting game on this device, yet i have like 0 coding experience.

Good job on getting this far on something I was planning on doing lol!

this was def made with that platform fighter engine that yosi made

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oh yea ik that

i honestly forgot why i said this tbh

Id know what bhopping is since i literally speedrun half life for fun lol

Is there a discord server for this game by chance?


video for anyone wondering:

found some sick combos and had my game crash somehow!

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Do you know when this game will be out to download and play without a web browser?

Is their a discord server

everyone can

I’m talking about normal infinites, everyone has them.

Orange is a lot better, he can infinite combo u with no bar

Yellow is good because he has loops that can tod, red can reset the life out of u and blue is just cracked with pokes, anyone else just uses infinites to win

wait fr

makes sens

I found an infinite combo

Fire game bro!

I think this def deserves to be worked on!

You should 100% make the fox next lol

All jokes aside, good job on the game!

Absolutely beautiful game bro!

Are you still working on Evo Silver?

Time to tas this game lol

i do like the game and give you respect for returning me to my og games and i will do some type of speedrun or tas run for ya in the future.

I love you for making Nostalgia a reality dude.

This game is literally just Mario combat but modded.

Original game:

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It is done.

I might update it more in the future but rn it was rushed lol

Omg, i realized i said "polish it up" when this game is all about polishing up the game lmao

Might take a bit longer since i wanna polish it up

But ill have it done at somepoint and send it for ya

Id like to see where this game goes in the future, I also got a Vr and would love to try it out in Vr when its available but until then,  The work you've put in so far is looking very good! 

Im gonna make a "Tas" for the game in a bit

Is there anyway you can make a tutorial on this

1) Being able to revive yourself like the old build could with a healing potion OR using a partners healing potions to revive yourself.
2) A button to toggle holding or pressing to use abilities because sometimes it glitches online and the move doesnt go through and just cancels the move fully instead of doing it fully.

3 < Item idea maybe > ) A scythe that has a multi hit like the test sword.

4 < Last idea > ) Double jumps to cover more ground since the jump feels really heavy instead of the normal floaty retro feeling of jumping since the game looks like its based off of retro polygon graphics.

But other then that, your game is amazing and I hope to see the future of what it becomes Kiseff!
I might post some content on my YT on the game just for the fun of it ( Maybe even glitch hunting too )

Might make a couple more ideas later in the future, idk but keep up the good work dude.

U should add wavedashin

No problem!

- v-

This is pretty good for a game that wasn't worked on much.
If you get to developing again, I'd like to see what you do from here on out!

Nice game so far, keep up the good work

The hitboxes are still there, they just dont register anymore is what is wrong.

Your wrong actually about the invulnerability.
The player is fully able to be hit while laying down on the floor, you just need to hit them with a move that hits the floor ( Example: Olivia's Attack-A. )

Game is looking good so far!