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Took me 2 minutes to find them all. I liked the challenge!

Hey Marcos,

I am interested, when is the due date for the music? 

I have more questions but I would like to discuss your project on a private channel.

You can contact me directly through discord : Preciosa #5587

Or gmail: 

Hope to hear back from you!


Super Excited!!

Hello! I am a freelance audio Engineer looking to help out some teams on this game jam! This jam is a little long, but that gives me more time to create audio assets! A great place for me to start is by seeing some concept art. So if anyone has any concept art for weapons, level / map assets, character Foley that will be included I can  get started on creating some awesome sound design! 

Hello Everyone!

 I am an audio engineer experienced in Wwise implementation with Unity and Unreal.

 I am looking to join a team for this game jam!