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Just decided to experience this with a friend, and I must say, that we really enjoyed the demo. It kept us on our toes for the entire demo, and I believe for this to be a very promising game. Keep up the good work.

I see them bloom


I dont believe this math works out, when I tried, I did A=1, Z = 26, the score I got was almost double of the score on DPTG, which would mean that A= a negative number (which doesnt seem right), or that multiple letters = the same number, which ALSO doesnt seem right

you cant play his games on mac, it says all platforms because the picture is for all platforms, not the game

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Just wanted to say (even if you dont see this) that in your latest game on your website, named The Storks are Crying, in the picture of your normal "this is not a screenshot" bit, there's a sound icon in the corner.
I wonder what that means.
I should investigate that picture more carefully.