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Nice work, I always wondered how well hand tracking could be used in most games without movement inputs  (outside of possibly teleportation) and forgot all about tea for god!

 I don't have a quest myself but its awesome to see your implementation of it, hopefully finger tracking will get more attention if someone makes an open source version for PC (or valve packs it into steamVR) with so many headsets having 2 or more cameras on them now it could probably have some level of input on most devices.

The Vive/Pro do have a finger tracking sdk ( but I'm not sure anyone even knows it exists.

I cant control the sliders in the options menu with the index controllers (they work on my vive wands still)

Are we going to get knuckles controls soon since people are getting their kits now?

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I really want to play this, but am unable to because when I select the Window for the PC user to input text, the VR render massively cuts down its GPU usage from 50% to 10% causing unplayable lag. If anyone has advice on how to remedy this I would appreciate it. (the game runs fine in VR if the Desktop players tab is minimized.)

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