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Thank you!

Thank you for the feedback. We plan to make improvements with performance and gameplay. Please do check back once the jam period is done. 

Thank you for the feedback. We decided to have a simple but complete win/fail condition rather than some complex gameplay since this is sort our first time submitting a game. We plan on uploading an improved version. Hopefully that will have more variety (and have progressive difficulty). Do play and give your feedback. Thanks again. 

The web player was actually done at last minute and wasn’t fully tested. Sorry you had issues. We plan to update the game with improvements and upload once the jam is done. Thanks for the feedback and do play again once the updates are made. 

Hey thanks a lot for the feedback! In fact our initial idea was to have the flower be more reactive to changes in light. But we decided to have a simple fail condition rather than aim high not have anything at all. We have made some improvements and plan to update this page once the jam is done. Please do play it again then.