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Tore Lehmann (aka. pr0te)

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This is phenomenal. Great work on this!

It's no big problem at all, at least for me. Thanks for the reply and the insight. Just wanted to let you know! :) - Great tool btw. Been using it for a couple of weeks now instead of the original IDE and it's relieving.

It took me by surprise when I saved my project and the entire IDE went blank. I had to open GM and comment out the newest added code, to load my project in GMEdit again, without it just going fully blank, the whole application. Upon loading it again, I saw that I forgot a ']' when accessing an array. If I remove it again and save, the application goes blank again. Just thought I'd mention it, in case this is an unknown bug. In the gif below, I remove the ']' again and press CTRL+S

Hey man, I still remember you and your game (this one!) from NGJ16, We were in the same showcase group. I just wanted to say that all your stuff is so fucking good. You are an amazing artist and designer in general, and I think about your games from time to time! I hope you're doing well and wonder if you're still making games and all? I hope so - would suck to miss out on more of your creations :)

Hey! Thanks a lot for your interest. This is, by now, an old project, and I unfortunately won't be able to port it to anything else. Future projects will be available on more than just Windows. Have a great day! :)

Or maybe you're actually thinking about Bot Arena??

Robot Rage is the name ;)

I'm glad you liked it man!

Hey, glad you liked it. Thanks for playing!

Haha, that was fun to watch! Thanks a lot for playing. I hope some day you'll find the strength to go back and beat level 10 ;)

Thanks for your interest!! I will look into it, however I do not own a Mac to test it with :)

Glad you like it! :)

Thanks a lot! - It was developed in GameMaker Studio 2.

Nice one in such short time!